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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

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Week 2 – Loving it in the MTC

Hello Family and Friends!

Hey guys! So this had been another exciting and adventurous week at the MTC! First off I want to say Haley, Abbey, Trevor, Tyson, you all have personal letters on there way so please let me know when and if you get them! I love you all!

So Mom I just want to say that I appreciate your laundry so much! I look forward to doing laundry every week cause I go through a ton of clothes and I love a new clean batch! Also the tide to go pen is about the best invention in the entire world. I have already gone through a whole been and I am on my second! Woops. So I would like to share a funny/embarrassing story. Mom do you remember Elder Godfrey from Mr. Mac? I hope so cause he is one of my good friends here! He is such a goof and a few days ago we were at gym and we just got done and were running back to get our stuff and he jumped on my back and I was carrying him. I don’t know how much you remember him but he is not the lightest kid to say the least. I was running pretty fast and got almost all the way across the court when my new shoes (Which are awesome!!! and also super super grippy) caught and gripped the floor because I was getting tired and I feel completely over and all 280-300 pounds of elder Godfrey landed on top of me and everyone watched and thought I couldn’t be okay with Elder Godfrey landing on me like that! He rolled off as fast as I could and was so scared he had hurt me. I cut up my knees and elbow but felt fine and I was laughing so hard so then everyone was laughing and Elder Godfrey said, “Well he isn’t gonna make it, I guess we have to put him down!” It was so funny and everyone thought I was dead when he landed on me! But I am totally okay and it makes for a great story!

The MTC is still super awesome. the teachers here are amazing! I have Brother Scoville who I love with all my heart and Sister Simonson! They both are recently returned and are amazing teachers. My district is also so amazing! They are like another family to me. There is Me, My companion Elder Sederholm, my roommates Elder Ellingford, and Elder Brantley! There is also Elder Weiss and Elder Grover in our district and we are all like brothers! We have Sister Lautaha who is now a dear friend and I love her like a sister and her comp sister bryan! The last to sister are sister Willcox and sister Stanecliffe! They are both so amazing and so nice always! Sister Stanecliffe is always happy and smiling and always brightens our district with her love of the gospel! The Elders in my district are all amazing and we have had so many amazing spiritual experiences. Mom and Dad Ill tell you about more of those in a separate email.

The language is getting really hard and it can be so frustrating at times especially with all the genius people in my district! Everyone is seriously so smart in my district and zone so things move way fast. Every time I get frustrated the Lord answers my prayers in the most amazing of ways and I am still doing good and learning so so much. I love this language and it makes total sense to me it is just hard to memorize so much and know how to put them together. Korean is backwards like….. Book of Mormon God’s word is. That is a very simple sentence to! It makes a lot of sense it is just different so it’s hard to speak. I can read all korean and most pretty fast because we are not aloud to romanize so we have to figure our how to read and pronounce everything very quickly. The language is awesome though and I’m so excited to learn it! I know a ton of words and its amazing how fast you can learn here.

The MTC is amazing. I have learned so much about enjoying little things like every morning my companion and I stop on the way to class at a certain spot where you can clearly see outside the compound the beautiful Provo mountains and we just appreciate the beautiful world which God has created for us! This Gospel is so true. Mom I don’t want you to every worry becasue there is concourses of angels watching and protecting me and all the missionaries here. I know that is true. I love you all so much and appreciate all the letters and packages.


Elder Houston


Temple Visit with District

Temple Visit with District

Elder Houston & Elder Broadhead - One of his Best friends from St. George

Elder Houston & Elder Broadhead – One of his Best friends from St. George

Elder Houston and his companion Elder Sederholm

Elder Houston and his companion Elder Sederholm

Part of Elder Houston's District

Part of Elder Houston’s District


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SURPRISE! A Handwritten Letter from Elder Houston

I think Elder Houston senses when his mom needs to hear from him.  He surprised us today with a handwritten letter:

Hello Family-

I just wanted to write and tell you more stuff!

We are the biggest branch on main campus!  There are about 90 Korean speaking missionaries!  They call the Korean branch the celestial branch here because of the type of examples in our branch.  All the Presidency (President Yost; 1st Counselor Perriton; 2 Counselor Snow; and 3rd Counselor Lee) all preach about how amazing the Korean missionaries and mission is!

It is so cool & exciting!  The language is hard and I feel inadequate because everybody in the Korean branch are so smart (like nerdy-genius smart) so everything moves fast and is hard to keep up!  But yeah I’m learning a ton and am keeping up!

I got your package & my roomies & I were just giddy!  It was like Christmas!  Thank you so much!  We are using the stars to decorate our room and we make cool stuff!  It looks so cool & helps us relax and go to sleep!  We were all so happy about those & I now I have some balls to play with too!

The spirit is awesome!  “We are completed in the Lord, not perfected.”

Family, I want to testify that the Lord truly atoned for our sins and whatever we have to go through is so miniscule compared to the Savior’s atonement.  Plead with the lord for his help, love, & comfort and he will provide.  Satan is real and fills us with thoughts and feeling and during these times we must pray and plead for strength.

Joseph Smith WAS A TRUE prophet of God and lived, fought, endured, and died for this church.  I know this is true and that pride was the downfall of Satan and is the downfall of man.  If we can be humble toward the Lord, I know we will obtain the celestial kingdom.  I love the Lord, I love Joseph Smith and I know this church is true.


Elder Houston

P.S. Watch the movie called “The Restoration” on LDS.org


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Week 1 – First Email from Elder Houston

Dear Family,

I have been so busy here at the MTC and I don’t have a ton of time so I am so sorry if I don’t cover everything! Believe me I want to tell you so many things cause so much has happened this last week but we are so busy studying, teaching, and doing many other things! 

First off I just want to say that the MTC is so amazing and I LOVE IT! Everyone is so nice and on the same page! The first day you get a “dork dot” on your name tag and everybody knows you are a newby and says, “Welcome to the MTC Elder” and it is cool and nice at the beginning but got old at quick to so it was nice yesterday to have about 500 new missionaries with dork dots on so we aren’t the new kids anymore. I actually said welcome to the MTC to a group of Missionaries but didn’t really look at them because I was in a hurry and somebody said, “Oh hey elder Houston.” I turned and it was LANDEN STINKING BROADHEAD!!!! I was so happy and gave him a huge hug! I also see jake anderson and Cam Imlay a lot here too!

Okay so for this letter I am just going to try and answer all the questions that you asked me in you letters and stuff. First off my typical day is wake up go to gym, come back shower then go to the class for 4 hours of personal, companion, language and additional study, then I have lunch and go to class for 4 hours with my teacher Brother Scoville who is so awesome! I love him dearly and he never spoke english all my classes are in korean so you learn quick. then I have dinner and go back to class for another 3 hours and usually we teach an investigator her name is sister eem which doesn’t translate well to english but thats as close as it gets to what we would say. Our first lesson with her was on our 3rd day and she only speaks korean and our last of 4 was yesterday. I gave her my korean book of mormon the second day and the last few days went so so good and my and my companion could converse pretty well with her in Korean. She is supposedly going to be one of our teachers later.

My companions name is Elder Sederholm and he is from arkansas but has lived the last two years in denmark because his parents are mission presidents there. I love him like a brother and we are seriously so close like brothers, but that has major disadvantages to because he can annoy me and get under my skin so bad but it is okay because I have a lot of things that annoy him too. We both know how to work hard and are doing good with the language. It is way hard but it is coming we can both say good prayers in Korean. We also know how to play hard and joke hard when the time is right. We make each other laugh so much and tease each other like brothers so it is the best.

We have 10 people in our district and I love all of them so much! The two in our room with us is Elder Ellingford and Elder Brantley and they are awesome. Ill tell you more about the rest in my district later. We had one Elder Bogue here and he was one of my favorite kids and I really liked him a lot but he got so sick the 3rd day here and was bed ridden in intensive care for 4 days and was sent home yesterday which broke my heart so please pray for elder bogue that he will be able to get better and get back in the mission field quickly! 

To be honest it is pretty hard to sleep at night even though I am exhausted because my mind goes a million miles an hour before I go to sleep. I get gym time everyday do service twice a week my shoes are awesome and scuffed up already. I think that covers all the questions! I’m sorry it was so random and disorganized but I had a lot to say and little time to organize it!

Okay that is all I really have time for I hope it all makes sense and thank you so much for all the emails, Dear Elders, and packages! We get to get the mail everyday and it is so fun to have some and I appreciate it! The gospel is so true and is such a blessing the gift of tongues and interpretation of tongues is so real and I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord. I love you all so much! Talk to you next week!


Elder Houston

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Today is Elder Houston’s 19th Birthday!  I’m sure he would love to have his mailbox filled with quick notes wishing him a happy day.  If you use dearelder.com and send it before 12 noon, they will deliver a letter from you to the MTC and he will get it today.  When sending with dearelder.com select Provo MTC and it will ask for a mailbox, mission code, and fly out date:

Mailbox: #7

Mission Code: KOR-SEO

Fly out date: Oct14

I’m sure it will make his day a little easier to hear from his loved ones today!

Thanks for all your love and support for Elder Houston!

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Day 1: Entering the MTC

I am emotionally exhausted but wanted to post quickly some pictures of today.  The following are couple of texts that I was able to send out during the day today to some of our dear friends that sent texts wishing us well.  Your words of encouragement and support means so much to us!

It was a beautiful day! Taylor’s spirits were high and he made it easy on us all. We only cried for a couple minutes today just as we dropped him off. Our hearts are aching but we are so happy and excited for this adventure! I get to put my first sticker on our chart when we get home!

Honestly I am about to burst with happiness! I thought today would be one of the hardest days of my life, but it has turned out to be one of the happiest! Yesterday was such a tough day for me and I cried nearly the whole day but after he was set apart I asked him to give me a blessing. My joy has been overflowing since that moment. He was so excited and happy today and made it so much easier for us all. Then to top it all off he had swig cookies and drinks delivered to our home tonight with the sweetest note I have ever received! To say I am proud is such an understatement! It is an incredible and indescribable feeling to be a mom of a missionary. I know this high will end and I will have days where I miss him terribly but tonight I am at peace. He is where he should be and even better where he wants to be!

We love you Elder Houston more than words can say!

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