Elder Houston

The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Day 1: Entering the MTC

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I am emotionally exhausted but wanted to post quickly some pictures of today.  The following are couple of texts that I was able to send out during the day today to some of our dear friends that sent texts wishing us well.  Your words of encouragement and support means so much to us!

It was a beautiful day! Taylor’s spirits were high and he made it easy on us all. We only cried for a couple minutes today just as we dropped him off. Our hearts are aching but we are so happy and excited for this adventure! I get to put my first sticker on our chart when we get home!

Honestly I am about to burst with happiness! I thought today would be one of the hardest days of my life, but it has turned out to be one of the happiest! Yesterday was such a tough day for me and I cried nearly the whole day but after he was set apart I asked him to give me a blessing. My joy has been overflowing since that moment. He was so excited and happy today and made it so much easier for us all. Then to top it all off he had swig cookies and drinks delivered to our home tonight with the sweetest note I have ever received! To say I am proud is such an understatement! It is an incredible and indescribable feeling to be a mom of a missionary. I know this high will end and I will have days where I miss him terribly but tonight I am at peace. He is where he should be and even better where he wants to be!

We love you Elder Houston more than words can say!

IMG_0545 IMG_0543 IMG_0542 IMG_0541 IMG_0540 IMG_0539IMG_0500IMG_0502



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