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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

SURPRISE! A Handwritten Letter from Elder Houston

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I think Elder Houston senses when his mom needs to hear from him.  He surprised us today with a handwritten letter:

Hello Family-

I just wanted to write and tell you more stuff!

We are the biggest branch on main campus!  There are about 90 Korean speaking missionaries!  They call the Korean branch the celestial branch here because of the type of examples in our branch.  All the Presidency (President Yost; 1st Counselor Perriton; 2 Counselor Snow; and 3rd Counselor Lee) all preach about how amazing the Korean missionaries and mission is!

It is so cool & exciting!  The language is hard and I feel inadequate because everybody in the Korean branch are so smart (like nerdy-genius smart) so everything moves fast and is hard to keep up!  But yeah I’m learning a ton and am keeping up!

I got your package & my roomies & I were just giddy!  It was like Christmas!  Thank you so much!  We are using the stars to decorate our room and we make cool stuff!  It looks so cool & helps us relax and go to sleep!  We were all so happy about those & I now I have some balls to play with too!

The spirit is awesome!  “We are completed in the Lord, not perfected.”

Family, I want to testify that the Lord truly atoned for our sins and whatever we have to go through is so miniscule compared to the Savior’s atonement.  Plead with the lord for his help, love, & comfort and he will provide.  Satan is real and fills us with thoughts and feeling and during these times we must pray and plead for strength.

Joseph Smith WAS A TRUE prophet of God and lived, fought, endured, and died for this church.  I know this is true and that pride was the downfall of Satan and is the downfall of man.  If we can be humble toward the Lord, I know we will obtain the celestial kingdom.  I love the Lord, I love Joseph Smith and I know this church is true.


Elder Houston

P.S. Watch the movie called “The Restoration” on LDS.org



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