Elder Houston

The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Week 3 – Another Amazing Week!


Dear Family & Friends,

This week was another amazing week! I gave my first TRC lesson last friday and that is talking to a  native and teaching them in only korean. It is very hard but so so awesome! It was very frustrating to me and I got down for a day or two but the sweet sisters noticed and wrote me a very nice letter and told me that I was a great example and that they loved my upbeat personality and the brotherly love that my companion and I have and that helped a lot. Mom you said you want to know all the names and faces of the people so I don’t forget but I promise I will never forget the people in my district. I love them like they are family and am so close. When we go to Korea it will be like saying goodbye to family all over again. They are amazing. I am as close to the elders as I am with some of my best friends in just 3 weeks. They are soooo amazing. Every morning we get to go out and play sand volleyball and our whole district goes and plays together and it is so fun and funny to see the goofy fun side of people! We have a blast and learn so much from each others experience! My district is amazing! I will try to send pics of them all!

I had my first opportunity to host or “Curb Rip.” I was nervous to do it but it actually was a very amazing experience to be able to testify to other Mothers and Fathers who were in tears that there son is in the Lords hands and I could testify that I knew he would be okay and he would be blessed. I had been in there shoes and every person I saw I loved with all my heart because I knew how hard and exciting it was. I also knew what a blessing they had in store and my heart was full of love and happiness as I guided them through the MTC to get settled. It was an amazing opportunity to help! We also got new Elders and to be honest at first they seemed pretty strange. But we are trying so hard to show our love to them. One of them started flirting with one of our sisters and she looked at me and was way scared so I went over and told her that one of our teachers needed her so she left! That wasn’t completely true but our break was almost over and she was getting super uncomfortable so she thanked me shortly after. We are trying super hard to love all of them and in two days it has already gotten easier. They are amazing but I just thank heavenly father for the district I am in and the other district who arrived here at the same time as us! I am good friends with all of them especially a Korean Elder Named Elder Lee! We call each other Chingu because that is friend in Korean! I know we will be friends for a very long time! I love all the people here so much and it is so easy to love them!

Okay so a little bit about the language. The language was frustrating at the beginning of the week but there was one particular day were I was very frustrated. A few things happened and I heard a devotional and short Mormon message and my attitude towards it changed. My companion and I worked very hard and had a great lesson plan and the spirit was so strong with us. The lesson was on the plan of salvation and it was a great plan one of our best. When we went to teach our investigator sister suh, she immediately had a bunch of questions from our last meeting. I was so nervous because it wasn’t in our lesson and I didn’t know if we could teach without our notes in Korean. She wanted to know more about Joseph Smith, who we had nothing in our notes about. We started and it was very slow and she had a hard time understanding. It was frustrating not being able to communicate my testimony to her. I looked at my companion and told him to try his best to keep explaining. He did great and while he was doing that I said a silent prayer in my heart for the gift of tongues and interpretation for my companion and I. Suddenly we were both overwhelmed by the spirit. She asked a question about how we knew he was a true prophet. We both knew exactly what she had said and responded immediately and did not stubble and were confident and could smile because we knew we were saying the right things. I set the notebook down and we bore our testimony and answered questions that we did not even know yet for 20 mins. It went so good. One of her last questions was very hard and we weren’t sure we understood. We glanced at each other and my companion had done a great job answering her last couple of questions. I was so nervous cause I didn’t exactly know what she said and didn’t know how to respond. I reflected back to D&C 33:8 that says, “Open your mouths and they shall be filled, and you shall become even as Nephi of old, who journeyed from jerusalem in the wilderness” I put 100% faith in the lord and I opened my mouth and it was filled. My companion looked at me after and I said, “what did I just say?” and he said he didn’t know but then we were prompted to give her the first vision and I gave it to her and asked her to read it before our next visit and the spirit and smiles were so strong in that room and she was excited to read about it. We still do not know what she said or I said but she understood and got emotional after I responded and said she would love to read and learn more. It was an amazing experience.

Family I love the MTC, I love the people here, I love this language, and I loooove the Book Of Mormon! I know it is another testament of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and I am so thankful for that! I have been reading in Heleman and I want so bad to be like Nephi son of Heleman. The Lord made him a promise that whatever he said would come to pass and the holy ghost pretty much teleports him places! Nephy the son of Helaman is and amazing man and I would encourage you to read all of helaman! It is a great book. The lord loves us all and I love you all! Ill try to send some pics and talk to you next week!


Elder Houston


From left to right, Grover, Brantley, Sederholm, Weiss, Ellingford, me, willcox, stancliffe

from left to right, Grover, Brantley, Sederholm, Weiss, Ellingford, me, willcox, stancliffe

left front, Lautaha, Left middle, Bryan, Very right, our teacher brother scoville

left front, Lautaha, Left middle, Bryan, Very right, our teacher brother scoville

me and my dong ban ja appreciating the little things

me and my dong ban ja appreciating the little things

Temple Visit 8.18.14

Temple Visit 8.18.14

this is bogue

this is bogue

wearing the tie that Nia and Anniston gave me! I miss them and my syblings!!

Wearing the tie that Nyah and Anniston gave me! I miss them and my siblings!!


2 thoughts on “Week 3 – Another Amazing Week!

  1. I love the way Elder Houston LOVES the MTC! Great work.


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