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Week 5 – Good and Crazy Week!

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Hey family and friends! How are all of you?? I hope you are all so so good! I love getting all your emails and letters they lift my day so much!! I miss you all and love you so much and I hope you know that!! Haley looked beautiful for Homecoming!!!! I didn’t like it one bit! Tell her to tone it down while I am gone holy crud! She isn’t aloud to be that pretty til I get back and can knock some sense into any boys! Abbey looks like she is having so much fun and is getting so pretty too! I was jealous of that pic at the football game I bet that was a blast! Trevor is looking so handsome and sounds like the same little stud! I told my friends about all the funny sayings he used to say so now our whole district says all of them! like Grabbeee Sanny and baseball and norms and reezzaaas and beaches! Haha it’s pretty funny! Tyson looks so handsome too and I bet is the same lil hilarious fun stud I remember! I told them all about your face that you make at me Tyson when I would get mad at you and you would make your little face and say wwwwreeeeeee. Idk how to spell it  but I think you know what I am talking about so now we all do that to and I miss that a lot too but it makes me laugh when everybody else does it!!!! 

 Okay so this week I want to start by saying I couldn’t even complain about being sick last week because that was just the start. I got sooooo much worse the next few days and I didn’t sleep for several nights and every morning I felt like a train hit me! Haha but that is okay I pushed through and prayed so fervently for strength and received it! I took care of myself and really tried to be healthy and what not and I finally got a little better yesterday and feel way better today but I am still fighting off this sickness! But the Lord has blessed me and helped me through! I didn’t miss anything with my sickness so I am not behind and it was such a blessing and I am so grateful for it!

 Okay so this week we had Elder Richard G. Scott give the devotional on Tuesday and gave an amazing talk about prayer! Apostles always seem to directly answer my prayers and questions in General Conference and I have had some cool experiences but this talk was unreal. It literally felt like every question I had and every prayer I had said this last week was directly answered through him. I felt like I was in a one on one meeting and he was saying everything just for me. It was so amazing. He told us that Heavenly Father ALWAYS hears our prayers and ALWAYS answers even when we do not realize it! He told us that no matter the circumstance, we can communicate with him. He rarely answers while we are still on our knees but usually when we get up and act and then ponder our actions. His talk reminded me of something my Dad taught me years ago and it has helped me through my life. I don’t know if you will remember this Dad but I do! You taught me that when I pray I can’t just wait for an answer but I have to make a decision and do it and then ponder and feel if the spirit is telling me it was the right decision. Thank you so much for teaching me that Dad and teaching exactly what I needed to hear and it still helps me years later when an apostle said similar words to yours that reminded me of that personal experience! It was such a blessing to have him there with us and I learned so much. I miss the example of you Dad but I am so grateful to have apostles of the Lord come and talk to me and give me similar words of wisdom like you did and do! It makes it easier to have somebody taking the place of your example in my life for these next two years! The apostles are true servants of the Lord we should cherish their words! And also we should cherish the words of our fathers. I am pumped for conference!!!! Woooooo!!

Okay super embarrassing story of the week time! So for the Tuesday night devotional I decided I felt good enough so we skipped dinner to try to get into the choir! We got in and practice went great and I didn’t feel to sick which was a blessing! So this devotional is broadcasted all around the world to missionaries and there is huge cameras filming us! So we are all singing for Richard G. Scott and in front of everyone and it is beautiful. We are singing be still my soul and the cameras are filming the choir and Richard G. Scott is watching when suddenly I lose complete control of all body functions………. I sang a note and it made my throat super dry so I started coughing and it was one of the worst if not the worst coughing fits of my life! I bend down so the camera can’t see me and put my face in my suit coat arm to try to muffle the sound which worked great!! But suddenly my nose starts bleeding bad! Both nostrils and it’s a gusher so I grab my face and I am bleeding everywhere and coughing ridiculously! I also started sweating profusely because I was embarrassed and was dripping sweat! The song ends and people turn and look at me and I am bent over coughing with blood everywhere so they all think I am dying and coughing up blood and freak out! I quickly inform that I’m fine so then all the elders grabbed any tissues or hankercheifs they had and sent it my way! I got my nose under control and my cough finally and didn’t want to miss the devotional so I cleaned my face and stayed for the devotional. After the devotional they all asked if I was okay and I said yeah and went and washed my hands! It was so embarassing but kind of hilarious and a way weird experience! Haha anyways that’s all I have for this week and I will talk to you in a week!!

I am safe and sound and I love you all and I feel better and I KNOW that all our prayers are answered and it is so amazing to know that as big and powerful as God is he is equally as personable and loving.

Love you all,

Elder Houston

This is my friend Elder Lee! He dressed up like Psy that sings gangnam style and did the dance! he looked exactly like him!! It was soooo soo funny!!

This is my friend Elder Lee! He dressed up like Psy that sings gangnam style and did the dance! he looked exactly like him!! It was soooo soo funny!!

Elder Houston & Elder Lee  at the Computer Lab today.

Elder Houston & Elder Lee at the Computer Lab today.


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