Elder Houston

The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Week 8 – 3 days and I will be across the world!!

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Hi family!!!! How are you? You all sound so great and I am so happy to hear from all of you! I think Trevor or Tyson forgot to get me my weekly joke from them though! They said here is a joke and that is where the note ended! Haha I love there made up jokes! they make me laugh so hard and it really uplifts my week! 

Okay so first off Flight plans! So I don’t have as much layover time as I thought. So we have to be at the travel office monday morning at 3:35! We will do some stuff and go to the airport and our first flight leaves at 8:30! We will get to Seattle at about 9:36 and we have to report immediately to somewhere… haha and then we have our layover until our next flight at 12:15 but we will probably have to board at least an hour early so I will probably have an hour or maybe a little more in seattle and I will probably call then! After that I will fly from 12:15pm until 3:50 pm the next day korean time! We are flying Delta and the first flight number is 1857 and the second is 199! I think that is all you need to know for now! Oh and I got the phone too! Oh and with our flight plans we got our Korean name tags and my name in Korean is awesome haha so ya!

This week, right after last P-day, we got the native Koreans that have been called to go to Korea and they leave with us to go to Korea! They are so awesome and some of my best friends. Between my little Korean and their little English we can actually communicate pretty good! They are hilarious and so nice! Their names are Elder Hong and Elder Yang and Sister Yang! Elder Hong and Sister Yang are going to Seoul with my district and Elder Yang is going to Seoul South with the other departing district! I love them so much and if Koreans are like them then I am in for a real treat in Korea! I am so full of love for the people I have had the opportunity to serve and get to know!

Okay so funny story real quick. So on Wednesday we have service and our service guy is a stud and he let us go early and so we had an hour to get ready so we took that extra time to have a little fun and take a load off and it was awesome. Elder Ellingford and I were showering and Elder weiss was in between us and he always pours shampoo on peoples head when they don’t look so we decided to get him back, so I would distract him and Ellingford would turn his shower down so then he poured shampoo on us. So he went to do it to ellingford and I reached over the divider and grabbed it out of his hands and then opened the top and poured the entire bottle on him! We were all laughing and it took him forever to get it all out. Ellingford and I had got out but we snuck back in and right as he finished and turned his shower off Ellingford poured shampoo in his hair again! He ran out of the bathroom and we took off and then were hiding in our room! He came out and when we opened the door he had a can of air freshener and we quickly slammed the door again. Ellingford and I regrouped and Weiss converted the Koreans to the dark side of the force and then Ellingfored and I got a couple cans of air freshener and a can of silly string and then opened the door. Silly string and smells flew through the air outside our rooms and it was hilarious everyone was laughing and then we ran inside and could barely breath with the smell so we called truce and the smell left pretty quickly actually but it was quite the intense air freshener war.

Okay so quickly I hope you all loved conference! It was so amazing. I hope you all know that Thomas Spencer Monson is a Prophet of God. What a blessing it is to have such an amazing man on this earth and 12 other amazing men supporting him in everything he does. I loved Elder Hollands talk about charity and serving the poor. It was AMAZING! I also have got to watch the Mormon message called A testimony of the Book of Mormon and it is one of my favorite things I have ever seen in this gospel. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. He translated the most true Book on Earth the Book of Mormon and I know that moments before he was Martyred he and His very own brother Hyrum found solace in this Book, in the 12th chapter of Ether they found solace in the words of this Book. I encourage you to watch this video. I have watched it several times and it is one of the only videos I have cried every time I have watched it because I am overwhelmed at the testimony Jeffrey R. Holland has of it and the testimony that I also have of this! It is an amaizng thing!

Okay so one of the hardest but coolest times of the week for me was the missionary choir in the priesthood session. It was amazing and I know almost every kid there. my companion and district members all did so well and I am so proud of them. The hardest part was the fact that I am selfish.. I couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed that I wasn’t up there with them because I kept thinking about my Dad who has had a companion to go to the Priesthood session with every year fro about 8 years and I wasn’t with him this year and I just wanted him to see me in that choir and see me serving. It was a very selfish thought and I tried to put it out of my mind but it was hard. They did amazing and the spirit that came from their song was so amazing and it provided a lot of comfort to me! I was so grateful for my dad as I watched and what an example he has always been to me. It was a great and very humbling experience for me and I loved it so much!

Okay the last thing I want to talk about is my companion and I were one of 4 companionships selected at the MTC to demonstrate yesterday how to begin teaching to a real investigator in front of all the new missionaries that got here yesterday! It is people and my purpose and we did it our first day. All the missionaries come in to a big room with a real investigator and get to teach as a group. It is amazing how much trust the Lord puts in us to do this work! So what we did is we demonstrated a door approach and then opened the conversation by asking appropriate questions to get to know the investigator and then it was opened to the new missionaries to teach. It was so cool to be able to teach a real investigator and I truly loved both the investigators we got to meet! The funny thing was we had to practice teaching in English and it was so hard to teach in English! Like it was surprisingly hard! Haha but we practiced and it actually went really well.

Anyways I think that is all I have to say and I love you all so much and want you to know that I know this gospel is true! I will talk to you in 3 days time! I can’t wait to here all your voices! I love you tons!


Elder Houston

This means love in Korean

This means love in Korean

Elder Reid and I

Elder Houston & Elder Reid

The Native Koreans! Hong middle, yang right

The Native Koreans! Hong middle, yang right

District by the big map

My District by the big map





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