Elder Houston

The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Elder Houston is on his way to Korea!

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We were so happy to get to hear Taylor’s voice today.  He sounds so great!  His voice matched the tone of his letters and he is so happy and excited to be serving. To say we are proud is such an understatement.  This has been a great experience for our family and we are so happy that he has had such a great 2 months in the MTC.  He has loved every minute he has been there and will miss the powerful spirit he has felt the past 2 months but we know he will have many more spiritual experiences that will continue to help his testimony grow.  He has become so close to his entire district and considers them some of his very best friends!  He is a little nervous but mostly so excited to be on his way to Korea.  He bore his testimony in the Korean language for us that was such a treat!  Good luck Elder Houston!  We know you will be an incredible missionary and will love the Korean people!  We can’t wait to continue to hear of your great experiences!


One thought on “Elder Houston is on his way to Korea!

  1. Elder Houston is going to accomplish amazing things because of his dedication and desire! I love reading his weekly emails and hearing his testimony! Best of luck!!


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