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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Week 4 in Korea – Another Busy Week

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Hey family! How are you all doing! Sounds like good! I am so happy to here from you every week! It makes me so happy! I am doing good and all is well! I keep learning more and trying to be braver and better every day of my mission! I will do a day by day email again this week and hopefully cover it all!

Seoul Templ3

Seoul Temple

Seoul Temple

Seoul Temple

Seoul Temple2

Seoul Temple

Tuesday (11/4)– It was P-day today and it was a busy one! We went to the temple and it was so awesome! I didn’t get to see anybody from the MTC though which was hard but it was so nice to be able to go to the house of the Lord once again, what a blessing it is to be able to go there in my mission! After we went shopping at dong de moon and it is big city Seoul and is the shopping center so that was cool! The tie shops here are unreal and so big. I don’t know how you would ever look through all the ties. They have whole malls of ties and it is overwhelming but cool too!

New Tie

Taylor’s New Tie


Wednesday (11/5)– We had zone training today and it was sooo soo good. We talked about the role of the spirit in conversion and in everything really which was a question I asked president after our first interview and it was so amazingly answered and I learned so much. We watched a Mormon message that reminded me of my mom and it got me a little choked up and made me really realize that I need to do what the lord wants and not what I want and sacrifice my time and comfort to do his work! It was awesome. After we had a lesson with ee dong hee and it went a little better than usually so hopefully he keeps his commitments

Thursday (11/6)-We did service today by picking up trash and then did a lot of proselyting and tracting.

Friday (11/7)– So remember Brother Bak? He studied in England and can speak great English? His family is there but he is here taking care of his parents because his dad was super sick and we started teaching is mom. I hope you remember him. We had another appointment with them but about an hour before we were supposed to meet we got a text informing us that his father had past away. We were very sad and it was hard. We had given his dad a priesthood blessing just a few days earlier and didn’t know how his mom would be handling this or if she would meet with us. We pray for there family and wish them well! Later on we had pizza with our district and it was delicious!

 Saturday (11/8)– We had English class and all the people there are amazing. They are all just potential investigators but we are so close to all of them! After class a guy wanted to take us all to dinner so we all went to a restaurant and ate. It was so cool. A bunch of missionaries and potential investigators in the community eating together! I was very happy and found some needed comfort from that experience. After we took some investigators to a baebaerow making youth activity. BaeBaerow is a very good candy and Idk how to spell anything in English! haha and it went well but that night I got a little sick for some reason.

 Sunday (11/9)– I woke up and felt a little better but not a ton. We went to church and we were supposed to meet Namsongjew but… He wouldn’t answer and this was very hard for me. We were almost sure he was going to get baptized and all the sudden he has ignored us for 3 days. We hope to hear from him soon. After church we did a lot of our study time and had one meeting with a guy that was a long ways away so we walked for about 30 minutes there and then had an hour lesson then walked back. We then got dressed and went to the funeral of Brother Baks Dad! We went with some ward members in to the big city and to the funeral home. We went in and said Hi to Brother Bak and then saw his mom and she was actually happy to see us. She invited us in and gave us a flower to set by his picture and we sang our hymns and talked as a ward with her and she allowed it and was happy even though she is a strong Presbyterian. After my comp and I walked up and said thank you for letting us come and we will see you later and she grabbed both of our hands and thanked us for coming and wouldn’t let go.  It broke my heart and I really hope to meet with her again soon! They are an amazing family! I wish them the best!

Well that is everything for this week I think! Haha I love you all and I hope you all continue to do good! Family don’t be missing me to much okay! Haha I miss you enough for all of us so you don’t have too:D haha just kidding but don’t get sad! We have plenty of more good times to come in the future! I love you all so much and can’t wait to here from you next week!


Elder Houston

Elder Houston & Elder Murdock also from St. George

Elder Houston & Elder Murdock also from St. George

Rice Milk

Rice Milk

Night Mode

Night Mode



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