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My Lovely Family

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Family!!! I love you all so much! The pictures of the boys looking at my plaque in the church that Abbey sent me almost made me cry! Haha I am turning into such a baby here. I love you all so much and miss you tons! It got really cold here in Korea! Negative 10 pretty consistently here in Jangwi! Haha all places in Seoul are super different in temperature and weather because it is so huge! Haha. My jacket keeps me really warm though so it is all good!

 Okay so my week

It's Cold

It’s Cold

It's Cold

It’s Cold

 Tuesday (12/1): Got my big coat out for the first time and haven’t taken it off since! We met with a few investigators today and gave one some cookies I made for him because we haven’t been able to meet with him and wanted to make contact so that was good.

Wednesday (12/2): We had a zone training meeting which was really good. We ate some pig intestines and pig hearts with our zone and had the meeting which was really fun. Then we proselyted for the rest of the day.

We broke out the Christmas Ties for Zone Meeting (768x1024)

We broke out the Christmas Ties for Zone Meeting

Christmas Ties from home (1024x768)

Christmas Ties from home

Trying to show our breath in the cold (1024x768)

Trying to show our breath in the cold

 Thursday (12/3): We had lunch with our less active family at their restaurant and sang them a song! It was good! We had a very funny experience on the way back. I would like to tell you about it. We were with our district Elders and on the way back we went past a lake that was frozen over. Elder Smith stopped to have a gander and I decided to do Dad’s little fake thing and act like I was pushing him in. Haha He said I don’t know if that could support me. I said it looked thick enough. Haha I helped lower him to the lake but it cracked immediately so I pulled him back up and he didn’t get wet at  all. Haha a man with a dog happened to be watching and he must have thought that Elder Smith but all his weight on the ice. Haha he threw his dog on and it supported his dog so we all watched with curiosity as he stepped with absolute confidence onto the 3 inch thin ice. It immediately broke and he went in! it was only to about his thighs so he quickly got out but we all had such a hard time holding back our laughter. He was laughing his head off and we felt bad but couldn’t help but laugh as well. We couldn’t believe what we just had seen. Haha

Friday (12/4): We had a lesson with an investigator Leedonghi and it went good. We also had a lesson with a less active member which went really good as well.

Saturday (12/5): We taught english and after we headed back to eat dinner, on our way we saw Brother Bak and a few priests from our ward outside his house. He said Elders my mom is cooking a big dinner right now come and eat! So we did! And it was delicious! I especially loved the Quail eggs! It was all super good. After he said that they were having a young men activity and had 2 investigators coming. We called and got permission from our zone leaders and we went bowling and got a number in one night! It was soooo much fun! Then we had a district meeting to plan a christmas party.

Sunday (12/6): We had church and after sacrament Brother Han asked us to come meet his friend (and investigator). We met him and had a member present lesson that went fantastic with him. It was awesome and we will meet with him again! We had dinner with our district later and it was a blast with all of them.  Elder Smith and I made a ton of food to break our fast with and everyone just ate so much! It was so fun and we had a really good time doing it! Then we had a Christmas party practice because we are doing something for the ward christmas party! 

 Okay that is all for that week! It was a grand week in Korea and I can’t wait for the next week! I love you all more then you know! I am so blessed by knowing every single one of you! I appreciate all you do for me and all of your prayers in my behalf! I love you all so much!


Elder Houston 

District Planning Meeting (1024x768)

District Planning Meeting

Bowling 4 (1024x768)


Bowling 3 (768x1024)


Bowling 2 (1024x768)


Bowling (1024x768)








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