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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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This week has been ridiculously good and packed! Haha I have so much to say and not enough time to say it. So I willl do my best to narrow it down! Il jump right into it!

Tuesday 12/16– We did service and our church gate was frozen closed so we chiseled that until it could open and cleared the church of all the snow and ice and then had a big snowball fight and it was so so so much fun to do some good solid physical labor and have a fun snowball fight! During the snowball fight the Korean Elders went in the church and accidentally locked us out…. Haha so I had Elder Smith spot me….. (mom you may to have Dad read this fist and tell you if it is okay for you to read) ……..and I climbed up the side of our church building on the icy bricks of our church to a second story window and opened it and crawled through! It was way cool but looking at it after I think if I would have thought about it a little I would not have done it. But hey it was good! I didn’t get a picture though….. so next time it snows really hard we will have to do it again to get a pic! JK MOM!! And I also got music for my present that day for 12 days of Christmas!!!!! A flash drive and the I pod worked as well! And yess I saw all music and I love it! It is all perfect thank you so much!

Wednesday 12/17– Today I did LPP Language Progression Program and I passed off with the Zone leader so now I will do it with the AP tomorrow and if I pass I will be a certified teacher in Korean! It was way hard and I hope I can do it tomorrow with the AP! I also started exchange with Elder Smith my homie! I also got the cutest nativity ever for 12 days of Christmas and set it up under my tree! haha it was fantastic!

Thursday 12/18 – My Homie Brother from anotha motha Elder Smith and I wen on exchange! It was so so fun and one of my most successful days of missionary work! Haha our stats for the day were awesome! I learned a ton from him! He is awesome! We did some service and did Xmas party practice (we did that everyday this week.) And we found a new investigator. It was sweet! Haha my gift was letters from my family today! I loved them and was so happy to get them! Thank you so so much for them!

Friday 12/19 – We had lunch together and tried to get guitar fixed but the guy didn’t want to give me a deal so I decided to fix it myself. I am almost don’t and can play silent night on it. So we play guitar together and sing songs at night sometimes! It is pretty fun! We also decorated for the party and practiced! My gift was candy canes! They are so good! Thank you so much for them! I love them!

Saturday 12/20 – Okay…. Today was packed full of stuff and I have to cut a lot out but I will do my best to make it all make sense! So it was Elder Bandley’s birthday and we ate at our fav. chinese restaurant together for his birthday. After we went to the church and decorated and practiced and got ready for the party which started at 6! We also taught English during this same time and we gave the message after English class and it went great. Then we got back to working on the party. I was having a bit of a hard time and feeling home sick. And I was playing Joseph in the nativity of missionaries and we were singing in Korea and I had to say the right stuff and I was really nervous. And I was really missing home and Christmas time. And so I went in the little bathroom and prayed so hard for some help and some strength to get through the holiday and be able to make this a great experience for other people. I prayed until I smelled the familiar smell of smoke and i knew there must be an investigator in the bathroom with me. I came out and saw one of my investigators. Eruca the mongolian here for the party! I was so happy to see him and walked in to the party together. We had one other investigator there, (the knew one that Elder Smith and I  found) and Elder smith and his companion had 2 investigators there including another Mongolian who is awesome! Anyways, it ended up beig sooo soo fun! 3 of my good friends (2 members one investigator) were conducting the party and they were leading some fun games. They called me out to come up so Elder smith in I had to play charades in Korean. All the people got a kick out of watching and listening to that! Haha then we went out to get ready for the nativity and play we were going to do as missionaries. As I was getting ready I got kind of nervous again and thought about how Heavenly Father had already made the night so much better. Little did I know that it would get even better. As I was getting dressed, the bishop came out in the hall and told me to hurry and come in. I ran in to see the end of the slideshow and was confused until at the very end of the slide show was the video that Bishop had taken of me doing an ally oop dunk! Hahaha it was in slow motion and that is how the Christmas slideshow ended! Everyone was like “wow” cause that doesn’t happen a lot in Korea. I was so happy and was so grateful for my awesome Bishop!  Then we did the play and it went awesome! It was so cool! I was Joseph and it was just a blast! After we ate and talked to investigators and it was so much fun. There is an adorable little kid that just loved to follow me around. He helps me clean and does anything I do with me! And always wants to wear my name tag. Haha I helped him read my name tag in Korean and he always says Sister Houston instead of Elder Houston! (in Korean of course) but it is just so cute! So he was with me all night! It was just fantastic night! That night I got home and reflected on the miracle and overwhelming answer to my prayer I had received! As soon as I got home, I knelt and fervently thanked the Lord and know that through him I can make it through this time of Christmas and know my family and friends will too and will have a great time as well! I truly know the meaning of Christmas this year as well. My 12 days of Christmas gift was 8 tide pens! Wow was I in need of those! Thank you so so much!!

Sunday 12/21 -Church was grand! We home taught a family and had no prep time so we winged it but it was great! I got fudge for twelve days of Christmas and it was delicious!

Wow what a week it has been! I have loved it! I know that Christ was born of Mary in Bethlehem and that he was raised by Mary and Joseph and had to learn and progress and came into this world that whoso believeth on him the same shall be saved! I know that our Heavenly Father truly loves us more then we can understands and he answers prayers. Family and friends I love you! And want you to have a very…….



Elder Houston

With a sweet little Korean boy from my wad that I love!

With a sweet little Korean boy from my wad that I love!


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