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Happy new year! I am 21 years Old!

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(Just to make you all aware what Taylor means about being 21 years old.  In Korea, your age is calculated a little different.  I’m not an expert, so this is the google definition.  FIRST!! take your year of birth, and subtract it from the current year. Take that number and add 1!  When you are born you are already 1 year old!  And don’t worry about your birthday. It doesn’t matter if it passes or not. Korean age is calculated by year (not by birthdays)! So yes, he really is 21 in Korea!)

Hello everyone! How are you! I am so happy to hear from you! Wow I just have to say I loved the pics so much this week! Like they were hilarious! Grandpa Baldwin pulling Grandma on a sled! Wow it doesn’t get much better then that! I also am loving the scrud out of dads beard! Holy cow! That thing is full and awesome! Hahah every time I see it I just giggle at the awesomeness that is John Houston’s Beard! Haley cut her hair off too! Wow what a treat! Hahaha and the boys are cute as ever down at the farm and I think Abbey has more cute freckles then when I left! It looks like mom is still a solid farm girl who knows how to help her Dad! And Court looks way happy and healthy and she got the Korean CTR ring from my family and sent me a pic and they are way cool! I am really excited to get mine in the mail! And I really appreciate Grandma Houston’s letter on Christmas! It was so nice! It sounds like this year has been a battle with the leaves in the gutters!

Okay so this week!

Tuesday 12/30 – We met with an investigator and placed a Book of Mormon and committed him to read it! We visited a less active and then we found out the Elder Chae su Bam my Zone Leader who I love sooo much is going to be the next AP! That was so crazy to me! So he was leaving our zone like the next day.

Wednesday 12/31 -We had district meeting and the AP’s and ZL’s came to it! After Elder Chae Su Bam gave me a big hug and promised we would still see each other lot’s so that was comforting cause he is awesome! Haha so we took his companion because he can’t be alone obviously so he came to a meeting with one of our investigators. It was really hard for all three of us to fit in his house! Haha it was squishy but fun even though the lesson was rough! Haha after we packed up all of our stuff and went to Keydum area to stay with Elder Anderson our other ZL! We met with one of his investigators and it went awesome! He committed to baptism and is progressing well! It was way cool! We then headed back to Jangwi and taught English and gave the message at the end! It went well and after went back to Keydum and stayed there. That night I allowed Elder Lundberg (who I also love dearly) to cut my hair! Haha he totally was guessing but hey it turned out….. not terrible! Haha I trust him but he and I had a good time! We told stories of our lives after and talked and it was really fun!

Thursday 1/1 – Woke up and it was 2015! Wow crazy! Went to a way nice buffet for new years with all the Keydum Elders and Elder Lundberg and I pounded the yogurt there! Haha we ate so much yogurt it was rediculous! I hung out there with Elder Lundberg and Hobson! I am really close to both and love them so much! Haha they are a blast! That night we ate at the stake presidents house and after I played the Korean version of rock paper scissors (Which is way more intense then you might think). I played with a member who is awesome and his good friend who is an investigator (unfortunately not ours) and I am really really good friends with him. He said whoever lost at this rock paper scissors game had to eat a whole clementine in one bit. I lost 3 times in a row….. Then another kid lost and as he tried to eat it he spit it all over me…… Haha I said even when I win, I lose. They thought it was pretty funny though!

Friday 1/2 – had a lesson with and investigator. It was really, really, really cold and we proselyted all day!

Saturday 1/3 – Met with an investigator, taught English, ate chicken with our district and then that night we got transfer calls! I will be staying in Jangwi and my new companion will be Elder Redd. Everyone I talk to say he is a hard worker and good missionary so I am excited and a little nervous but I think that is just part of it! I will meet him wednesday and also say goodbye to my dad(trainer) elder Lee won Hyung on that day as well!

Sunday 1/4 – one investigator and one less active at church! My comp. and I went to Keydum and he baptized his cousin there. She is 20ish and has been taking the lessons and asked my companion to baptize her! After her parents took us to eat! It was a cool experience! That night we ate milk shakes with our district!

Well that is all folks! It was a grand week! I know Heavenly Fathers tries our faith so we may grow and he is always there for us and with us. He loves us. He will not forsake us. More then anyone he knows us and exactly how we feel. I love my savior Jesus Christ and am honored to serve him! This is a true work! I love you all so much! Have a great week!


Elder Houston (휴스튼 장로)

Elder Houston & Elder Smith (600x800)

Elder Houston & Elder Smith

Elder Houston & Elder Smith 2 (800x600)

Elder Houston & Elder Smith

New Hair Cut 2 (800x600)

New Haircut

Cool Car (800x600)


One thought on “Happy new year! I am 21 years Old!

  1. Taylor I sure enjoy reading your news letter every week keep up the good work proud of you.


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