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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Hello Everyone – Week 13 in Jangwii (First Week with My New Companion)

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This week has been pretty crazy with transfers and everything! So the first thing everyone probably wants to know is about my new companion. His name is Elder Redd. He lived in Utah but more recently Seattle! He has been on his mission about a year and 6 months. He is really happy and talks more then any human I think I have ever met! He loves to talk. He works hard which is good!  It has been pretty hard to adjust to be honest. I don’t feel like our proselyting has been nearly as effective as it was with my last companion but I am excited to learn how to work with him this transfer!

 Okay so this week

Tuesday 1/6 -We met with an investigator and it went pretty good! We taught him and we had a pretty good lesson and he very tentatively accepted a baptismal date! So we will see were that goes! We had lunch with a member at a super good meat restaurant. (Sorry don’t konw a better translation in english other than meat restaurant.) Then that night we ate with another member and had some yummy food there because all the people wanted to say bye to my companion!

Wednesday 1/7 – Today I said goodbye to my trainer or “dad”. I realize I probably didn’t talk about him as much as I should but he was a really good missionary and I learned a ton from him and I love him so much! He will come back and play basketball with me probably in 2 weeks on pday! It was hard to say goodbye to him! The last couple days together we finally got really close and it was nice but also stunk because then he had to go home! After I said bye I took Elder Redd and we went back to our area. I am in kind of a unique situation because they usually send the greeny out of the area but I stayed so that means I am senior of the area. So I have to get us around and show him stuff and I was very nervous about this because given my past record I am terrible about navigating in the city. I can barely navigate St. George much less Seoul Korea. But because I am a missionary and I prayed a lot, it has really not been hard at all. It has been stressful but I have enjoyed a little responsibility and really saw some miracles of remembering where things were!

Thursday 1/8 -We were proselyting and Elder Smith called and said there was a drunk guy that wanted me, so we went to where they were and met this guy who was drunk as a skunk. I had met him when I was with Elder Chae su Bam (who is now an AP) in the Keydum area. He was drunk when we first met him as well! Haha he wanted to buy us something so we followed. (Survivor guy Tip #59 Don’t argue with a drunk guy) Haha so we followed and he tried to get us coffee but we said no so he took us to this little restaurant where I guess the owners knew him so they gave us this yummy drink that was okay to drink. But then he needed a smoke so he left. Haha we apologized to the restaraunt owner and she just smiled and she actually had listened a little while we tried to teach this guy. She was very kind and said it was okay. So we went and proselyted more.

Friday 1/9 – We did weekly planning and we met with an investigator. It was a pretty rough day and where I found out how much adjusting it took to be with a new companion. The lesson didn’t go to well.

Saturday 1/10 – We met a guy for lunch that we had talked to on the street a few days before and he took us to a nice restaurant. He was an older guy (70’s maybe) and he was a farmer but came into seoul for the winter just for fun. He took us to a yummy meat restaurant and we taught him a lesson about prayer and we are excited to hopefully meet him again! We gave the message at the end of english class and it went good and was fun!

Sunday 1/11 – So I have told you about two kids that I am friends with in the ward. Seong Ha Nur and Seong Gee Su. Well they have another friend that I have played b ball with and is just awesome and Elder Smith and Elder lee got him as a referral and have been teaching him. But I am really good friends with him and like him a lot. He is going to get baptized next week and I got to go on exchange with Elder Lee and teach him with the Stake President as well! He is awesome and I am excited for him to get baptized next week! We got some yummy duck meat from members so we cooked it up after church as a district and ate it!

That is pretty much all for this week! It was a good, fun week and I am grateful to be here! I have learned a lot, but I have so so much to learn and so far to go. I only hope to become everything that my Father in Heaven intends for me to be. I know my Father in Heaven loves each one of us and his son is Jesus Christ. I know he suffered and died for me and I know He is my Savior and my Redeemer and my best friend. I know that answers come. Sometimes they aren’t big and we have to have faith that we have recieved an answer. As we try harder everyday we will feel happiness! I love this gospel and know it is true!


Elder Houston



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