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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Another Week in Jangwii Seoul Korea!!!

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Hellooo family! So this week has been exactly what it says in the 12th chapter of Ether. A witness comes after a trial of faith. My companion and I had our faith tried since we have been together because of the drought of people we had. We couldn’t teach anyone or anything at all and felt like we were having no success. But later in the week we saw some amazing miracles! So this is how the week went…..

 Tuesday 1/15 – We did service and then practiced singing for a baptism on sunday. I was practicing a hard tenor line in abide with me but it sounded cool! It was a challenge for my pipes though. We met this kinda crazy creepy guy that talked about weird stuff about his thoughts and how he wanted to stop thinking all together and because he couldn’t he was not really free with his agency. Hahah we talked to him for a long time and tried to help but he got our numbers and wouldn’t give us his! Haha

Wednesday 1/16-Zone training, Awesome as usual! Elder Anderson and Elder Park se yeoung gave a great training! We helped the Bishop move today as well and then just did some proselyting and door knocking and looked for a few less actives. We also knocked on the scariest door of all time! The pictures didn’t capture the horror but I will send them anyways! (Taylor’s Computer was having issues so he didn’t get pictures sent this week)

Thursday 1/17 -First we woke up and the lady below us complains because we wake up so early even though we are so so so quiet and she got mad and called the cops on us so they came and asked us to be quiet and we said okay so they left. President Christensen thought it was pretty funny. So ya we are really quiet but we might have to start going outside and freezing to excercise! We met with an investigator and it was pretty good! We taught him the plan of salvation.

 Friday 1/18 – We did weekly planning and were bummed about having like 1 investigator and not a lot of good potentials and had a good spiritual planning on how to find new people! Then we tried to visit a less active but got lost and ended up walking miles and miles back to our house thinking we were close to the less actives restaurant. Haha epic fail but funny. That night we met some cool people which was the start to the answer to our prayers at weekly planning.

Saturday 1/19 – We went out to find some less actives so we went to a real estate place and asked for some help finding the addresses. They were way nice but the places were way far away and hard to find because Korea went to a new address system a few years ago so new and old addresses are everywhere and it is just a mess. So we were trying to find out how to get there and I set my book of mormon down. One of the guys read it and said, “ohhh…. mormon church” we said “yes” fully expecting to get kicked out. But no. He got his keys and said I will take you in my car to find the addresses because I have navigation on my phone! We said okay! And went. He had met missionaries a long time ago and liked them and even had a few lessons. He took us to both houses waited for us to knock the villas and then took us back! He was awesome and we want to go back soon this week and try to visit him about the gospel later. We then did some proselyting and met some way way cool people! We got 11 numbers. That is a crazy crazy amount here! Haha we got a ton of potential investigators. We also met a guy by a bus stop but he was busy so we just gave him our card and didn’t get his number. He texted us shortly after which never ever happens and said he met missionaries a long time ago but wasn’t to interested but then looked up some stuff and he is way smart so went to some decent sources and said he thinks we could be friends. We also had President interviews! I love President and Sister Christensen with all my heart! President Christensen is amazing and I feel so good when I am around him. He was like an hour over on interviews and had skipped dinner so I didn’t want to be to long so I just asked one question. He answered it awesome and I said that is all I need, thanks. I had actually prepared a list of a few questions for him but I didn’t want to take any more time. So he chatted with me about fun stuff and sports (He loves basketball, I am talking season tickets to the Jazz before he was the pres. loves basketball) Haha so that is always really fun. After he looked at me and said I want to share a scripture. He read a scripture and then literally answered specifically every single question that I had written down without me every telling him or showing him. I was over joyed and overwhelmed with the spirit and reality that he is my mission President and is called to be the President over this mission. My interview ended up being pretty long but I had ordered him and his wife some chicken to eat with us and it was there after the interview so we ate together so I didn’t feel to bad. He is an amazing man and I admire him so much and am so grateful God called him and he was ready to accept God’s call and receive revelation from God!

Sunday 1/20 – We had a baptism in Jangwii. One of my good friends that I play basketball with here got baptized. Elder Smith and Lee taught him and he got baptized by his friend in the church! I love him to death and I am so grateful for him! Haha it was a cool experience and we also performed the hard song and it went okay! We had church and then my companion and I helped with a youth activity that night by setting up the electrical equipment and what not! It was fun. The cool kid we met on saturday who talked about english class called. His english name is Chase so we will call him by that not his Korean name. So Chase called and just chatted with  us! He speaks pretty solid english and will come to english class Wednesday and we hope to meet him again after that and teach him!

This week has been amazing! I know the gospel is true! I love this mission and am so grateful to God for answering my prayers and questions through his servant President Christensen. I am so Grateful for president Christensen being willing and ready to receive revelation on my behalf! I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the truth that lies therein. I know this gospel is true and God lives and loves us! I love and miss you all dearly!


Elder Houston

Budhist Temple 3 (600x800)

Visiting a Buddhist Temple

Budhist Temple 2 (800x600)

Visiting a Buddhist Temple

Budhist Temple (800x600)

Visiting a Buddhist Temple

Visiting a Buddhist Temple

Visiting a Buddhist Temple








Saying Goodbye to Elder Lee 2 (800x600)

Saying goodbye to my trainer, Elder Lee!

Pink Mints from home (600x800)

Enjoying my pink candies from home

Saying Goodbye to Elder Lee (800x600)

Saying Goodbye to Elder Lee

MTC Homies (800x600)

MTC Homies

Elder Houston & Elder Redd (New Companion) (800x600)

Elder Houston & Elder Redd (New Companion)



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