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Another treat of a week!

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Rainy Korean night

Rainy Korean night

sunset pics 2 (800x600)

Korean Sunset

sunset pics (800x600)

Korean Sunset

안녕하세요!! Hellllooo everone!!! How are you all! You seem so good! I loved all the pictures this week! I am so happy to have heard from all of you! I have had another cool week and am excited to tell you about it!

First off, last monday we went to Costco and got some Costco pizza and shopped and got some stuff and I got Costco muffins and literally was in heaven for moment! We got some yummy food and I was stoked and have eaten really good! Haha

Tuesday 1/20– We did service today and then I went on exchange with Elder Smith because he is our district leader so we went on exchange! We did a ton of proselyting and he really challenged me and stretched me in my abilities but he was so helpful and I learned so much from him! He is really good at Korean so it was good to be with him and learn so much from someone who has learned it and become as good as he is! I got a lot of useful tips and learned a lot like usual! We met some really cool people and had and awesome exchange!

Wednesday 1/21 – I started and was still on exchange with Elder Smith! We did studies together and then gave each other some training which was way cool! I learned a lot! We then had a really good district meeting and Elder Smith did some cool trainings! That night Elder Redd and I gave the message after teaching English which was fun!

Thursday 1/22 – We ate lunch with the other Elders just for fun and we had a good time! Then we went and did some proselyting until we went to pick up Elder 최수범 (Choi Su Bam) Who was my old Zone Leader but is now an AP and is one of my really good friends! I love him to death! We picked him up and went out and did some proselyting with him. I learned so much from him, just like I did when I went on zone leader exchange with him before! He and I have a really good relationship and he really helped my companion and I  both! We also taught a lesson to our investigator and it was so nice to have Elder Choi there and we learned a lot from that too! That night we ate dinner at a restaurant with him and then he bought us Baskin Robbins and it was really tasty! We had a good time! Then we told stories and Elder Choi gave me a massage that night! Haha he is actually pretty good!

Friday 1/23 – We did some studies and got a great training from Elder Choi! He really helped me and just is awesome! We are super close and he is probably my favorite Korean person! He is just so cool and I am so close to him for some reason! After the training I studied korean and he came to me and said he had a personal commitment for me! He was serious. I had asked him the day before what I could do more to be a better missionary! He kind of laughed, but I was serious!  I said you are AP now! You can receive revelation on what I can do better! He just said, “you are already good though! That is why I like you!” HaHa, I was happy,  but he just is a new AP so he still isn’t used to that. So when he came to me he said he had really thought about that and how I asked. He said he thought and prayed. He said he can see that I have studied very hard at the language. He said his commitment would be hard and then he said he wants me to study 2 or 3 times harder so I can reach the full potential! He said it will be challenging but he told me if I truly did this I would be blessed. He asked me if I would do it? I was a little overwhelmed and didn’t know how but the spirit was strong and I said yes. He goes home in April but he said he thought and prayed and said he will come back in July to see me and said if I don’t know the language super good he would smack me! Haha!  He said I could do it and I believed in him and myself! It was an amazing experience! He later told me he is my 형 which means older brother. That is a very very big deal in Korea! If someone says that they are your older brother it is a huge honor! I was just overwhelmed at how close I had become to him! When we dropped him off I gave him a big hug and he said remember my commitment! When I talked to my companion about it later. He was so amazed at the relationship that we had and was going crazy about the “Older Brother” thing! Elder Choi is one of those missionaries that I truly think changed my mission! I truly have applied his commitment! I have studied every waking moment that I have any time! I have already felt miracles! I have been able to truly study 2 or 3 times harder which seemed impossible! I will continue to do it and I know I will be blessed!

Saturday 1/24 – We did a music class and I helped teach piano.  We also did english class. Then we had an appointment! We met the guy and he was a little cooky but I truly felt the Holy Ghost testify to him through me. It was so strong. I know every word I was saying was right and true and the holy Ghost was completely testifying through me! It felt so good!

Sunday 1/25 -We had church! I was the spokesperson for our group in elders quorum and I talked about family home evening! I shared some experience from home! It was cool and fun and a little scary! We did some door knocking and met a guy and he said no thanks but then needed to smoke so we saw him again as he walked outside and said “Hi”  and he smiled and asked something. Then he went outside. We finished the building and went outside and started talking to him again! He had lived in australia for 14 years so he spoke english! He was way cool and we told him more about what we did! He was amazed at us! He had met a lot of us before but never took the time to talk. I have never been so grateful for smoking in my life! He needed a smoke so we got to talk to him! He was cool and we hope to meet again! Then I continued to do as Elder Choi instructed and studied, studied, and studied during lunch, dinner, and all the time! I am seeing some amazing miracles because of it!

I love the gospel! I know it is true. I am so grateful that God puts people like Elder Choi in my life to answer my prayers and to tell me what God intends me to hear and do! I am so grateful for all the people in my life! Especially my family and friends! Thanks all and I can’t wait to talk next week! I love you all!


Elder Houston

Scary house I told you about last week

Scary house I told you about last week

Shrine (800x600)

Elder Jarret and I at a shrine

Elder Jarret and I at a shrine

Elder Jarret and I at a shrine


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