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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

From Plumber to Barber


Hello family! This hasn’t been a super exciting week with investigators or getting investigators but it has been a cool week! I will tell you a little bit of how this week went!

Tuesday 1/27 – Actually first monday night! Last monday I bought some clippers so that night I gave myself a hair cut! It was difficult and definitely not my Mom’s hair cut for me but it turned out….. Not terrible so that was good I thought! haha but Tuesday we did a music class and Elder Redd and I share the spiritual thought after. It was fun. Then we did proselyting!

Wednesday 1/28– We had District meeting! It was a great district meeting and I got to share the spiritual thought! I shared about prayer! Haha I shared about our experience on the way out to Bar 10 ranch when it rained super hard and flooded and we got stuck in a ditch! I related it in and came to the conclusion that I need to share more personal experience when I teach and instruct. It is so amazing and really makes things better! So I am going to try to do that more! We then went and met a less active, Brother Choi, at his restaurant. Every time before he just lets us help for a minute and then says he is to busy for a spiritual thought. This time we started helping with washing some silver are and he just opened up and we had a really good talk about church and prayer and different things and really developed a better relationship. He committed to pray everyday which was cool! Then we taught english class that night.

Thursday 1/29 -We went and met with the real estate guy who helped us last week. He gave us his number but we weren’t able to meet. We also found out he may already be baptized so he might be a less active so we hope to meet soon and find out more! That night we went street boarding and gave out a ton of english flyers by a subway station. I met a kid there that was handing flyers out for his exercise club or something. We were doing it in the same spot so I was joking and gave him my flyer and then he gave me his and so I handed out a few exercise flyers for him. He thought it was funny so I got his number and he had a little bit of interest in our english class! So we will see!

Friday 1/30 – I turned into a plumber today. While my companion was showering it started flooding a wee bit. So for companionship study we plumbed. I took apart the drain and it was full of nasty hair and just grossness. Haha so we cleaned it and then I did it to the sink as well because everything backed up! Ha so I took apart the sink and we had a really rusty pipe so it busted so we bought a new one and installed it! Haha everything works now so that was pretty exciting. But then the other Elder’s toilet broke so they called a member and he fixed it but said they couldn’t use it til today so they moved into our house! So we had six elders in our 2  man house for the last few days! Haha it has been fun though! We got to go to a bath house in the morning though because it was hard for us all to shower! So we went this morning!

Saturday 1/31– we just proselyted and that is it. And I cut Elder smiths hair today too.

Sunday 2/1– just had church and proselyted!

It was a pretty fun week! A lot of different experiences! I know that he gospel is true. God truly knows us and loves us. He has created this great plan and although we are so weak he gives us a way to become strong! I love this amazing gospel and the blessings it provides! I know Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers! I know he sent his son and through him we can become better! I love you all and miss you! Until next week!


Elder Houston

Here is a little explanation on what a “Bath house” is. He explained it in an email to his Dad. (I find it amazing but disturbing)

I didn’t get to tell you about the Bath Houses! They are crazy but way cool! Haha it is three pools at different temperatures. You just take all your clothes of and go in. There is naked Korean guys all over and it is pretty funny but really relaxing too! You just hop in a pool and chill! Haha there is saunas too and showers! They are hard to describe! It was a bit weird at first but I have been to 2 now and it really isn’t bad for me at all now! Haha pretty exciting!

“Survivor Guy” Elder Houston just plumbin

“Survivor Guy” Elder Houston just plumbin

“Survivor Guy” Elder Houston just being a barber

Old Korean Houses

Old Korean Houses

Korea at Dusk

Korea at Dusk

Happy Birthday to Trevor! (800x600)

Happy Birthday to Trevor!

Haircut before (800x600)

Haircut Before

Haircut 2 (800x600)

Haircut After

Haircut (800x600)


Blurry view of City (800x600)

Blurry View of the City

ancient korean stuff 3 (800x600)

ancient Korean stuff

ancient korean stuff 2 (800x600)

ancient Korean stuff

ancient korean stuff (800x600)

ancient Korean stuff


2 thoughts on “From Plumber to Barber

  1. Awesome week for Elder Houston! You must be so proud of him! You have taught him the gospel AND life skills as well! Thanks for sharing his letters with our family! Thank you for all you are doing for YW, Natalie! The young women feel of your love, and that is the most important thing for them at this time in their lives. Makenzie loved getting her early birthday gift … so cute and creative!! Also, thank you for your sweet comments to her about her piano performance at the YW Personal Progress fireside. It meant so much to her especially as she has worked so hard practicing the piece and sprained her left hand a couple weeks ago. It is just another testimony to me that the Lord magnifies our abilities when we choose to serve and as we strive to develop our talents.

    Thank you again for all you do! We love your family!

    Love, Heather


    • Thanks for your comments Heather! We are so very proud of our Elder Houston! Also thanks for the sweet comments to me. I love the young women in our ward and I do hope that they know that! You have two very beautiful and talented daughters that I am lucky to get to know and love in YW’s. They are both amazing and always willing to do anything we ask! We love your family as well and admire you all for doing hard things with such awesome attitudes!


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