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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Awesome Miracles!

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This week was an awesome week of miracles including an amazing new investigator! I just found out Courtney is going to the Korea, Busan mission so congrats to her and my mind is super blown right now so sorry if I don’t make sense! I hope you are all well and I love you all a lot!

Tuesday 3/3 – It rained a lot  today! It was crazy! I got pretty wet! We went to a university in our area and it was super busy cause it was like freshmen orientation essentially! That night we met with a guy that we met about a week ago! His name is 이종금 or Jerry! The lesson went awesome! He brought a list of questions about religion that were awesome and we answered them! He is 26 and studying Russian and international relations and he is just absolutely amazing! He accepted a book of mormon and prayed for us! He is really awesome!

Wednesday 3/4 – We had a zone training! The focus this month is the Book of Mormon which I am super excited for! We are doing a book of mormon flood thing and trying to give out 80 in a month per companionship! And sharing scriptures we study in our proselyting! It was a cool training! That night we met with an investigator again but it turns out he is super creepy and scary so we will meet with him once more to see if we can get some progression with him and then maybe drop him!

Thursday 3/5 – Today was crazy and hilarious! First we met with a guy and we went to something that is just like an “Old Person” chill room and we met him there because he is old and we went inside and taught him!  He wasn’t drunk this time so we actually got somewhere with him! Then we met a guy named Kim Min. He was hilarious! He is a radio broadcaster but is 65 and super, super blind! He still walks around and stuff but he is way blind and loud! We ate with him and Elder Redd and I could not stop laughing! He demonstrated the bird coming back to Noah’s ship in the middle of the restaurant! haha He is way fun and we hope to get him progressing even though he is a deacon in another church! Then we were coming back through a market and there were these crazy guys playing instruments in the middle of the market and they saw us “foreigners” so they grabbed Elder Redd and he played gong for them for a second! It was pretty hilarious!

Friday 3/6 – We did weekly planning today got dropped by our super deaf investigator. Deaf  investigator and Blind investigator! Yes that is real! Then we got a new 16-year-old kid that night that met with us and liked it and we taught a little english and then some gospel to him after! It was pretty fun and we will meet him again!

Saturday 3/7 – We did a basketball thing for Young men’s and Elder Smith and I coached! It was really fun and we had a really good time! Bishop was there and “balled” with us! Elder Smith blocked a kid super hard and hit it off a wall and back into his own head hard and got bruised from it! I laughed at him a lot! And we also beat Bishop and a kid in our ward pretty bad! Haha after we felt bad and thought we probably should have let them win but oh well!

Sunday 3/8 – Today was good! We went to church and then to the dream land forest in our area and it was a nice day so it was packed!! It was like a stinking ant hill! Haha holy cow!! Then we just did studies after that!

This week was awesome! I really had some awesome prayers especially later in the week and received some cool answers! I am so happy and just amazed at the Divine Being that loves us so much! I know that we have modern prophets and they are here to lead and guide the church! I am so grateful for that! I know God lives! I know Christ is my Lord and Savior! I know that they know us personally and have an amazing plan for each one of us! I love you all so much! Thank you for all you do! Have a great week! Love you!


Elder Houston


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