Elder Houston

The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

God lives, and he loves us.

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Wow every week on your mission is amazing. You learn so much, I know we learn from the hard and scary experiences a lot and God tries us a lot and just as much as we can handle that will push us! I have had the opportunity to talk and help a few missionaries this week and receive their comfort and help this week! I will jump into the week now!

Tuesday 3/10 – I went on possibly my last exchange with Elder smith! He is my district leader and one of my closest friends here and we were very busy so didn’t have a lot of time to talk. But we ate dinner all together as a district and then started a special fast for an investigator.

Wednesday 3/11 – We finished our exchange with some studies and training each other and then we went to district meeting where Elder Smith gave an awesome training to us! We ended our fast that night for dinner all together again which is always really fun!

Thursday 3/12 – Well…. Long story that I don’t want to go into but I had to go to the dentist today. I had a filling come out and might have got a cavity. I don’t really know. But I went to a member of a different ward who is a dentist. He was saying a whole lot a korean words I did not know so I just kinda stared at him and nodded then he just started drilling away. It wasn’t too fun… I really don’t like the dentist. ha but after because he didn’t use any numbing stuff they didn’t charge me at all. I said I wanted to pay but they said they wanted the blessings of helping the Lord’s chosen missionaries. That was really cool and I was very happy. That night we met one of our funny old investigators and taught him about the book of mormon a little!

Friday 3/13 – We did weekly planning today which was good. We have quite a few investigators and a few really good ones that are progressing! That night we met a college kid that elder smith and I had met when proselyting. He was awesome and super prepared. I gave him a Book of Mormon when we met on the street and he had already read in the intro! He had researched a little and had questions that pertained to Joseph Smith. We taught the restoration and had an awesome lesson with him! We meet him again tonight at 5!

Saturday 3/14 – We cleaned our church with our ward today! It was pretty fun and we ate with all of them as well! We just did a deep cleaning! Then we met our super blind investigator and he actually came to the Adult session of conference that night! But during he wrote tired on his hand and showed me! Haha it was pretty funny! But we hope to meet him again soon!

Sunday 3/15 – Stake conference day! Stake Conference was good! President Christensen and his wife talked and they gave their kind of departing talks because that is their last stake conference! It is crazy! That night we meet a guy who has a really high squeaky voice. He is old and quite interesting but he accepted a book of mormon! We are doing a book of mormon challenge this month and it is pretty fun and we gave away 6 today and have given 38 Books of Mormon out in a week and a half! My testimony of the Book of Mormon is growing a lot!

Well it has been a great week! At one point one of my great friends Elder Jarrett who I realize I have not talked about nearly enough! I have served with him since I got to Korea and I love him to death! He is from Montana and is seriously like a brother to me! I love him sooo soo much! Haha but he was having a little bit of a rough time and somehow we all got talking about the crazy amount of rejection we have had in our mission. It wasn’t a negative thing though. we were able to strengthen each other with words of encouragement. The Lord sends us to where he knows we can grow and help others! I love my district and I love the work! I am so grateful that God provides such amazing comfort to the troubled or restless mind. Jesus Christ has felt every feeling we have and he knows how to succor his people! I know God lives and he knows us each by name and loves us more than we can comprehend! I know I am weak but through Christ I can be strong! I love you all so much! Have a great week! I can’t wait to talk to you next week! Love you all!

Elder Houston



Elder Bishop and Elder Houston

Elder Bishop and Elder Houston

Elder Smith and Elder Houston

Elder Smith and Elder Houston




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