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Listening to the Prophets and Apostles of God!

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What an amazing week it has been for me as I got to listen to the prophets and apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ Yesterday and the day before. Conference has meant so much more to me on my mission and I am so grateful to be able to know and listen to the prophets and apostles of God! I am so happy and overjoyed to be serving in the true church of God! I will let you know a little about my week.

Tuesday, 4/7 – We had english class today and we taught and Elder Grimshaw and I gave the message afterwards, we talked about modern prophets and apostles and about conference and invited people to come to conference to hear a council of Prophets and apostles to the church.

Wednesday 4/8 – Today was awesome possum! First thing I want to tell you is…. IIII AATTTEEE KKKKKRRRRIIIIISSSSPPPPYYYY KKKKKRRRRRREEEEEMMMMMEEEEE!!!! Oh man I have missed Krispy kreme but we had to go to zone Conference today which is in a place called Kangnung way out on the east coast right by the ocean and so we had a long bus ride. We got our bus station and there was a krispy kreme in the terminal so we went and ate there. I ate 6 donuts pretty quick but stopped after that! They were super delicious! After we got on a bus. I sat by Elder Yetter and we just talked the whole way out. The ride was absolutely beautiful! There were more mountains and trees and mystical fog rolling all around. Zone conference was great and I learned a lot from our zone leaders Elder Johnson and Elder Demordant. They did great. After we got on a bus and traveled back and it was another just beautiful ride!

Thursday 4/9- I went on exchange today with Elder Osborne! It was a pretty fun day and we saw and amazing miracle. When we were proselyting we talked to a guy and he spoke english to us. He liked us and started talking a little about what we are doing and he admired it. He offered to get us ice cream. so we went and sat down and got some ice cream. We shared a little but it turned into a lesson and a very very spiritual lesson as well. He told us about a difficult divorce just one year ago and how he is now a single dad raising a three-year old son. He told us that he has panic attacks that stem from the difficult divorce and he has to take pills for it. We told him of Christ and his atonement we testified of the beautiful message and we saw it spark a small flame of hope within this wonderful son of the Almighty. We all were on the verge of tears, we gave him a book of mormon and committed him to read, elder Yetter and elder Osborne will continue to teach him the gospel.

Friday 4/10 –  We had weekly planning today which was awesome and that night we went to a members house named park jeoungsun she is an amazing lady. She is the relief society president and has been through a lot. I don’t want to go through to many details but I respect her a lot. She takes care of those she loves it is just a matter of staying on the right side of her. I am amazed by the people and their conversion stories here in Korea. It is so hard to stay a member here and be faithful I respect the people here so much and love them!

Saturday 4/11 –  Today I was given the opportunity to watch conference, it was absolutely amazing. It was so inspired and I felt the spirit so strong. The themes I picked out on the Saturday session is Marriage and Family life and how important that is, hope through the atonement of Jesus Christ, and watching our pride. Elder Ringwood gave a talk and mentioned Korea. He actually served in my mission and he is the area president over Asia. He will come for a conference here next week I think. He gave a great talk I thought and really enjoyed it! I received a lot of revelation and felt the spirit burning in my heart as the prophets and apostles of Jesus Christ council and instructed us!

Sunday 4/12 – Today was another Great day of watching Conference, the themes I saw were the same but more geared towards Christ and the hope we can have through his atonement if we are patient with ourselves and others. I loved seeing President Monson talk and loved his talk about temples. I love President Monson and sustain him with all my heart! I love his words and was so happy to hear him in the priesthood session as well as Sunday morning! I also thought it was really interesting how Elder Ballard called out by name Tindr and Snapchat. I thought that was really interesting. And they talked a lot about using phones too much! It was really emphasized especially tindr whatever that is and snapchat. Wowza! I loved conference and learned so much!

This week has been another amazing one! I absolutely love wonju, I love conference and was able to feel a lot of strength when it is hard at times to face so much rejection and know that it is rejecting us as people and christ as our savior. It was so comforting to watch conference with a different mindset and really be humbled by the fact that I can’t be the best at everything and I cannot do things of my own free will, I am still learning to be humble and accept God’s will in all things and I have a long long very long way to go but I would like to think I have made a little progress and was better than yesterday. Missions are hard, they are, but I am so grateful to be in this mission at this time and to have had a lot of hard things because with these things and these feelings of failure and defeat, I have truly come to know Christ more fully, I have come to realize the depth and magnitude of his atonement is incomprehensible because of the all-encompassing effect it has on every single one of us. I love this gospel I love this mission and I am grateful for difficult times. I love my Father in Heaven and Christ whom he sent. I know the gospel is true. Have a great week everyone I love you so much and can’t wait to talk to you next week.

Elder Houston


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  1. Amazing Missionary and testimony . Love him!!

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