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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Another Awesome week in Korea!

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This week was full of awesome things and great learning experiences. It is amazing to me how much I learn on my mission. I loved hearing from you all and hearing about your lives and how well you are doing, so many things are different back home, I have now been out long enough where I see things and people who are just completely different! It is weird! Haha and my little brother Tyson is getting baptized in about a month! That is just super exciting! Thank you for all the emails and I hope you all can enjoy and feel uplifted from things I say in my emails to all of you!

Tuesday 4/21 – We did service today and just went around and picked up some trash. Then we had English class and after we had a member baptism because the branch president’s son turned 8.

Wednesday 4/22 – We did street boarding in the market place about 15 minutes from our house and it went pretty good but I just had one of those days or rather moments where I just got wrecked. Haha everyone was just mean and did not want to talk and ignored us and it was just embarrassing and super humbling for me, I was frustrated so had a little prayer in my heart and asked if I could just have somebody to talk to that was kind, not even that had interest but was just a genuine person who was kind, and the next person I talked to was a young guy maybe 27 who was really nice and he used some new vocab about hospital facilities I have been learning and so I got to use them and felt really good, he seemed well to do and was just a real guy who gave me a little piece of his time which was more than what I had asked of my Father in Heaven, it was an amazing tender mercy to me and I was grateful for it.  I got his number and we will call him soon and see if he could possibly meet again! After we met with Kim Cheouljong and taught him for just a second, he asked us about prayer and we taught him and it went really well, he is progressing well but we have a couple difficult hic-ups we have to figure out in the next couple of weeks with him. Then we did weekly planning.

Thursday 4/23 – Thursday we went into Seoul because we had a mission tour this week with Elder Ringwood, who talked in General Conference a few weeks ago, and came on a mission tour here.  He is the area President over the Northeast Asia mission, but the tour was not until Friday so we had Temple day today and slept at the Temple that night. when we first got to Seoul we shopped for a second and then went to Mammoth meat buffet, Elder Yetter and I had a real good time at the buffet and definitely got our moneys worth. It was tasty!! After we went to the Temple, I Love the Temple. I know there is power that lies within the walls of the temple. I prepared a couple of questions, and my temple questions are deep and important to my heart. I had prepared three questions and asked them and prayed about them in the temple! I felt peace but not really answers, which was enough, I wasn’t too discouraged that I didn’t get answers,  so just went on and had a fun night sleeping with all the zone at the temple!

Friday 4/24 – We woke up and went straight to the mission tour.   It was absolutely amazing! Sister Christensen, Sister Ringwood, President Christensen, and President Ringwood all gave fantastic instruction and council to us. I was amazed at the revelation they received for our mission and for me specifically.  The miracle of the day for me was the fact that I still  had my temple questions fresh in my heart and mind, and Every. Single. Question. was answered completely and fully beyond what I could ever ask for or imagine!  I was overwhelmed to say the least by the spirit that filled my heart and was so  thankful to be part of such an amazing meeting.  I was rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to go out and work with all of my heart, might, mind , and strength even more fully than I had been before. It was amazing! After we had lunch and I got to talk to all of my friends in the mission that I had not talked to in a while!  It was an awesome experience.  After we stopped at Costco on the way back out and grabbed some yummy food! Haha

Saturday 4/25 – We met with a guy for the sisters because of some mix up and his wife couldn’t come and we are not allowed to meet with the opposite gender unless someone of the same gender is there to teach as well, so we went and taught this guy for them.  It went well!  He is nice and really liked us. That night at English we gave the message about sacrament meeting and all my Korean left my brain and I was very, very frustrated!  I had just got off of a spiritual high and had a huge motivation to push myself harder!   I knew it was just Satan trying his best to take me down and hold me back so I overcame quick and moved on.

Sunday 4/26 – Church was awesome!  Korean kids are so amazing and such a comfort to me.  They are adorable and have seen me a few times now so a few kids in the ward came up to me cause I am a tease and like to play with them cause it reminds me of my lil’ bros, so I had fun with them.  Then after church we met an investigator in a park. He was mildly drunk and still drinking, but we sat on his card board box with him and taught him.  He didn’t like me because last time they met was on exchange with Elder Yetter who is really good at Korean and so he was mad and kept telling me I wasn’t as good and asked me why I didn’t talk as much, and he didn’t think I could understand. Haha but I could and responded as best I could, but it was still a little frustrating but I reflected back on why that would be happening, and realized again, Satan is trying, he is trying so hard to get me down and discourage me,  so I didn’t let him for long.  I shook it off and kept going. 

I have found a lot of cool revelation and answers as I have studied in the scriptures this week about Jesus Christ and his interaction with his senior apostle Peter! I have been able to receive a lot of strength and motivation from that. It is amazing how without our Father in Heaven we truly are nothing but through him and His way we can become more than we ever could be on our own. I love the scripture about boasting not of ourselves, but of our God, anything I can do is because of my Father in Heaven. I bear my humble testimony that there is nothing, no sadness, no remorse, no difficult trial that we cannot overcome, because the savior and redeemer of the world descended below them all, he knows how to succor his people and we can be happy through him. I know Jesus Christ atoned for us and died for us. I know he lives and it is him that I serve and bear witness! I am so happy to be in this beautiful mission and have such a beautiful family to support me! I love my family dearly and I so happy to see them all well! It is a beautiful time in the world! I love you all so much and can’t wait to hear from you next week!


Elder Houston

Elder Houston at mission tour with Elder & Sister Ringwood and President & Sister Christensen

Elder Houston at mission tour with Elder & Sister Ringwood and President & Sister Christensen


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