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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Hello Family and Friends!

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Pretty River (1280x960)

This week has been a good one. I realized just how much missions make you realize about yourself and how much you grow! This week has been another of learning and growing and becoming somewhat of what God wants me to become! I love my family and my friends and the great outdoors and that is something I continuously recognize on my mission. A mission is a great opportunity for God to tell us what is really important! I love it! Anyways here is my week.

Monday 4/27 – We went hiking on a mountain outside of Wonju, it was just beautiful. It is a very short hike more of a walk with lot’s of people on it, but it goes up to some Buddhists temples which were super cool and it was far enough up were I could look and see mountains that didn’t have a million people on them and just love the fresh air and beauty of God’s creation! I was so happy and content! 

Tuesday 4/28 – We visited our investigator Kim CheoulJong again and he is doing pretty well! We helped him a lot with English today but then talked about what he had read in the Book of Mormon! It was a pretty good lesson. Other than that we just did service and proselyted on the street all day!

Wednesday 4/29 – Today we had district meeting and it was good! We listened to a talk that I love that was given in the 70’s and is about Babe Ruth! I loved the talk so much! Haha I love old talks too actually a lot, I have listened to a few lately! After I was on exchange with Elder Osborne, we went and did some door knocking for the rest of the day.

Thursday 4/30 – Today we visited Kim CheoulJong our investigator again! He again has been doing well! We helped him with english and didn’t have a lot of time after but he had been reading and next time we will talk about baptism with him! He is a great guy! That night we proselyted on the street and visited a few members to give them an invitation to our game night we are having next week!

Friday 5/1 – We had weekly planning today which was good, we talked a lot about Kim CheoulJong and what we will be doing with him in the next week which was really good. That night we had a dinner appointment with a guy who we met at a gym we go to in the morning. He likes us a lot, so one morning he invited us to eat. We went today and his restaurant is a goat meat restaurant so I had some goat meat! It was pretty tasty! It was a really fun time eating goat and he took a picture of us and he said he is going to hang it on his wall! It was pretty funny!

Saturday 5/2 – Today Elder Grimshaw and I went and did service by going to a place called golden voice, it is an English club and we volunteer there to help teach English. It was super fun! One of the guys there had just drank a huge thing of beer so he was pretty drunk so the topic a lot of the time was how much they drink and do dumb stuff and go to the hospital cause they don’t feel good after. It was pretty funny but they all like us a lot! We help them out and a few of them have started coming to our English class and like it too! Then we taught our English class later and a few of them came and after had family night but nobody came so the one member that was there went and bought us some yummy waffles from this place! It was so delicious! It was the first waffle I have had in 8 months and I thought I was in heaven! 

Sunday 5/3 – Fast Sundays are great! I love it, I am always able to feel the spirit a little more and just have that comfort and peace and clarity! I love it so much! I am so grateful for fasting and how it can help bring extra blessings when we need them and especially when others need them! It was really good. We had a dinner appointment that night with the first counselor and his son who came from BYU just a few days ago to do his military service! He is so awesome! And he made us some delicious Kimchi rice which was perfect to end our fasts! It was a fun night and a great day! 

This week was good! I read and listened to President Monson’s talk from the October 2013 conference a few times this week. It is one of my favorite talks in the world. He gave this talk the Conference after his wife died and it was titled, “I will not fail thee, Nor forsake thee!” I looooved it so much! I listened to it maybe 2 times and read it 2 times! It is just amazing and I loved it so much. He talks of the special promise that God gives to us in Joshua saying, “I will not fail thee, Nor forsake thee.” It is an emotional talk but I have found that very thing to be true. I know that is true, in any trial or time of difficult or sorrow, I hope like President Monson that we can remember the wonderful promise to all, “I will not fail thee, Nor forsake thee.” I hope you all have a wonderful week and are doing amazing! Thank you for all you do for me and for all your amazing emails that bring me so much joy! Have a great week! I love you all!


Elder Houston

Elder Houston and Elder Yetter (1280x960) Buddhist temple 3 (1280x960) Buddhist temple 2 (1280x960) Buddhist temple (1280x960)



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