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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Miracles Coming Forth in Wonju!!!

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Well family and friends, I have had a really good week and my testimony has grown a lot! I have a conviction of the truthfulness of so much of this gospel and I am so happy that it is such a huge part of my life! You all sound great and super busy! Haley is graduating, Tyson’s getting baptized soon and Dad and Grandma Houston’s birthday are coming up soon as well! I am so happy to hear from everyone!

Tuesday 5/12 – Elder Grimshaw and I visited Kim cheoulJong and Elder Grimshaw said goodbye to him! and afterwards we dropped Elder Grimshaw and Elder Yetter off at the bus station and said later gators. They left and it was just me and Elder Osborne in Wonju! We went and taught English class just us two and then went back and got some sleep!

Wednesday 5/13 – Elder Osborne and I did studies together and cleaned the house up as well.  Then we went and picked up our new companions! My new companion is Elder Ashby and Elder Law is the other new Elder here! I like them both a lot! Elder Ashby is a hard worker and it is interesting, Elder Redd trained him and my amazing trainer who I love Lee WonHyung was his first zone leader and he looks up to him a ton as do I! I can see a mixture of a lot of both of them in him but it is good! He is a hard worker and so far us together have been an awesome combination. We have worked so hard and have seen some amazing miracles already in our short time together. We are both young! I am his first junior companion and he is still under a year in the mission! So Korean is difficult but it is a really good learning opportunity for us both! We had a good day of proselyting that day!

Thursday 5/14 – We met an investigator today and taught him outside in the hot day because he didn’t want to go inside.  I think he was drunk despite the claims of never drinking alcohol. It went good and he took a Book of Mormon! We will meet with him again this week if he recalls us meeting him the first time! That night we decided to take off to the outskirts! We hit a cool hill where there were houses scattered throughout the trees so we knocked on doors! Most were Buddhist who didn’t get a lot of random visitors like that. They were kind but we didn’t get into any doors but a lot said we could visit again sometime so that was way cool!

Friday 5/15 -We had some cool miracles today! We met a guy that had English interest only! But Elder Ashby and I did some “How to Begin Teaching bullet points” from PMG (Preach My Gospel) on him really hard and well and actually ended up only teaching the gospel and he wanted to meet again! It was super cool! Then on our way back to eat lunch,  because we had to skip it at first, we met a guy on the street who said he had been to our church a bunch of times and had prepared for baptism. He was pretty strange and prideful but it was way cool! We invited him to come to church in Wonju and he said of course he would! But he didn’t show up! But it was still a cool miracle I’d say! We also met Kim CheoulJong and he was really stressed and seemed a little off! But we ended up having a pretty good lesson after some struggle with understanding and speaking Korean which was really frustrating to him cause he was already is a frustrated mood. But we quickly lightened the mood as we both said prayers in our hearts! Kim CheoulJong is very difficult to understand because he talks very sophisticated and about a lot of random things, so we prayed to have ability to understand and prayed to be able to speak and prayed for each other in our hearts and Elder Ashby and I were able to lighten the mood and make him relax after a stressful day and also answer some of is very difficult and frequent questions about the gospel! It was really cool and he was excited to meet us again next week!

Saturday 5/16 – Today we had our first English class as a district and because only Elder Osborne and I were here last transfer, I have been heading up almost everything to do with people who were in Wonju to help them meet the new missionaries and yeah so ward stuff and English stuff! It has been difficult but fun and rewarding! So I conducted English class and we have a rather big class here in Wonju. All the missionaries introduced themselves and we had a great time! It went well and Elder Ashby and I gave the  message which also went well.  I could feel the spirit and it was really fun! We had a good time!

Sunday 5/17 -We went to church and got all of the new missionaries introduced and did a lot of work with the ward and tried to build and solidify a lot of relationships! But unfortunately today we had set 4 appointments which was really good. We were going to have to work through lunch but all 4 appointments punked! It was a big bummer but we shook it off and had some super spiritual studies instead.  I studied about Thomas Spencer Monson our living prophet who presides over the church today! I love that man!

To end I just wanted to talk about President Monson a little more. I have studied about Prophets and about how we can know true and living prophets. I know that it is by their fruits or what they have done, that we can know, because of this, I Know with all my heart that President Monson is the living Prophet of the one and only true God, and Jesus Christ leads and guides this Church through president Monson. What a blessing it is to have him on the earth with us. He has lived a life full of amazing fruits and I have listened to a lot of his counsel before but it has never taken such a profound impact on me as it has on my mission. There are difficulties and trials that I have never experienced before my mission but I always find comfort in the Council of President Monson. I am striving more and more to live like my redeemer Jesus Christ and I am so grateful the my Father in Heaven has given me a living example of how to better do that in President Monson! I know Jesus Christ lives, he died for us but rose again and lives on! I know he is the chief corner-stone of this the only true church of Christ and he leads the way as our master! I serve him and I follow him! I strive to heed the council he gives through  his servant on the earth President Thomas Spencer Monson! I encourage all to read more about President Monson and his life, study his council and as you do you will to realize he is a prophet of God! I know this beautiful gospel is true!


Elder Houston


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