Elder Houston

The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

105 hours of Work and Blessings

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Well this week was absolutely amazing! So exhausting but so amazing! It is hot here in Korea and the days get long when we are out in the heat for 15 hours! What a treat it is! We saw so many miracles this last week! This week I am not going to go over every day cause there is too much just some highlights!

We used our bikes a lot this week! We went and found less actives all over the place including our first counselor. We looked a lot but never found him, we did find a lot of his very rude friends though and they told him we had been looking for him. We prayed for him a lot and he ended up coming to church on sunday and conducting the meeting and really talking to us, and that night he saw us in his car so he pulled over and said Hi to us! It was a huge miracle and such a blessing to us!

We have an exercise park right next to our house! It is huge! Inside this giant park is a Pro basketball arena a soccer field/track another stadium for concerts and a bunch of basketball other courts all around. We went into the soccer/track field to make calls, one of us would call on the bleachers and another would talk to people on the track! It was super awesome and we met some way cool people then!

 We ate a lot of ice cream this week! We had no time for meals so we would just eat at a convenient store on the way to wherever! And we ate a lot of ice cream! haha I love ice cream now! We walked to random parts out of the city some days and knocked on old farm doors! It was incredible! I really enjoyed it! 

The Duck

The Duck

One day while we were knocking and apartment building we came upon a duck who had hit the window and was hurt and trapped, so we proceeded to maneuver our way around the duck open a window and then it was getting ready to fight me so I charged it and thought it would bite me or fly out the window, and luckily it decided to fly and it flew into the distance so we saved a duck! Hey that was pretty fun!

The next part I want to talk about is our investigator Ho JaeWon! We met with him a couple of times last week and it went really good! We have taught him a lot and he is doing so good! So good in fact that is going to get baptized this Saturday! We still have quite a bit to go over but we will meet with him everyday this week! They announced it church last Sunday and he gave a polite bow! I love him to death! He is such a sweetheart! We are going to meet him tonight for dinner! He is an amazing guy and I want to ask you all to please pray for him this week! I would like you to just keep him in your prayers so he can hopefully feel God’s love even more! 

The last thing I want to talk about is discipleship. This month’s focus is discipleship, and it has been amazing! Figuring out how to follow Christ no matter what happens or what people say! I really have enjoyed studying about Christ and being a disciple of him. One thing I have learned is humility is huge to be a disciple. Pride is a dangerous dangerous thing. In fact it is the very root of all evil! We need Christ. We are all imperfect and cannot do it on our own! We need him and we need his blessed atonement! In order to accept the fact that we can’t do it alone we must be completely humble! I am nowhere near where I should be with humility but I am working on it! I have a strong desire to become humble because I know and testify as did Boyd K. Packer in the last conference that Jesus Christ’s atonement is perfect and complete! His atonement, “Bears no scars” We must accept his atonement! If we believe in it repent and ACCEPT his atonement is sufficient for us, “Then we, like God, will remember our sins no more.” I know that as I more fully accept Christ atonement I realize how much more I need it! I know Heavenly Father loves us and because he does he sent his only Begotten in the flesh, namely, Jesus Christ. I know he, Jesus Christ is the savior and redeemer of the world. I know he atoned for us, and I know his atonement was enough and was perfect! I know that as we fully accept Christ and his atonement that it is so perfect that it truly does, “Bear no Scars.” What a blessing it is for me to serve my savior and redeemer! I truly love him! I truly love you all! I hope you all are doing so good! I miss each one of you and i love you with all my heart! I am grateful for you influences in my life! Have a great week!


Elder Houston

Rice Fields

Rice Fields

A Biking We will Go

A Biking We will Go


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