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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Wonderful family and friends!

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Hey family and friends! I hope and pray you are all doing good! I loved all your emails and am so grateful for them! Sometimes on a mission there is just times when it seems to be a cold streak! Haha things have been pretty slow last week and continued this week! We again did a lot of 전도 or proselyting! I have learned a ton and I love wonju though so I am still just loving every second of it! Ho JaeWon is doing great! He is still going to church but we haven’t seen him since his baptism! I don’t have a ton to say but I will go through the whole week!

Tuesday 7/7 – We met with a new investigator, he was really a little different! He had really long hair and wore a lot of make up and it was just a weird lesson! But hey he is a new investigator and we are excited about it! We taught him english for a little bit and then we taught him about the gospel! That night we had english class which went really good and was pretty fun!

Wednesday 7/8 – We just proselyted all day today! We were out talking to people all day long! It was a solid day though!

Thursday 7/9 – We had zone training today which was awesome! We jumped on a bus to go to kangnung and the ride over was just amazing! It was super rainy and foggy and the forest filled with fog was just a beautiful sight to see! I was so happy happy happy! The zone training was just great! Our zone leaders Elder Dixon and Elder Ney are just amazing and I am so grateful for them! They gave a great training and I felt the spirit strong! The ride back was just as awesome! Super pretty and exciting! The rest of the day we proselyted!

Fridday 7/10 – We had weekly planning which was good but a little boring because of lack of people to plan for and then we proselyted all day!

Saturday 7/11 – We had a thing called Golden Voice today! It is an English club we volunteer at! It was so fun and we are super good friends with the people there and a lot of them come to our english class as well! We talked and taught English and it was really fun and after they took us out to eat a really nice meal! We ate steak and wooooooowwww I was soooo happy happy happy! It was a great time! Later we taught our english class and we gave the message which went really good and an english class member commented on my korean improving a lot and I was soo happy! Then we had game night which also is always fun!

Sunday 7/12 – It was a good sunday! I bless or pass the sacrament every week so that is a lot of fun! And then during third hour we watched kids while the members had a meeting and after church I watched kids again while the branch president had a meeting with my companion and the first counselor and there wives went to the hospital to visit somebody. So I watched kids for another to hours! We had to get permission from president and he said it is okay! the kids are so hilarious! I love them all and they brighten my day!

Well that is pretty much all I have for this week! It was a solid week! I hope you are all doing good and I hope you are all happy, safe, healthy and can feel God’s hand in your lives. I know that Heavenly Father lives, he loves us, Jesus is the Christ, he truly came, taught and lived a perfect life of love, he suffered for us that we may return to live with him and his Father who sent him. Through him we can do all things! I am grateful for the atonement, the atonement that is personable and all inclusive. The very act of love that makes it possible to be clean and forgiven, bearing no scars! I know this gospel is true! I know Christ is our savior, I serve him, I testify of him, and I am striving to be like my perfect master! I love you all so much and can’t wait to talk to you next week!

Elder Houston



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