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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Hello Everyone!

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Note from Taylor’s Mom:  We had the wonderful opportunity to be in Salt Lake to hear Taylor’s mission president president Christensen and his wife speak in their home ward for their homecoming.  It was a special day for us!  We didn’t get a picture with President Christensen, but we did recognize one of his companions, Elder Redd, as well as a dear friend that he was in the same district with and loved very much, Elder Smith.  It was neat to meet them and get to chat for just a minute.  The missionaries that served with President and Sister Christensen, stood and sang “called to serve” in Korean and what a treat that was for us.  This is a special group of people and we are very lucky we had the opportunity to be there.  These are the pictures we sent to Taylor that he is referring to in his letter:

Houston Fam meeting Elder Redd

Houston Fam meeting Elder Redd

Houston Fam meeting Elder Smith

Houston Fam meeting Elder Smith

Now on to Elder Houston’s weekly email:

Hey everybody! This week was still pretty slow but we had a few more things that were good and we had a better week I think! My testimony has been able to grow a lot recently because life is full of difficulties and as we overcome we can become better and our testimonies can grow a lot! I have been studying diligently and really had some awesome studies lately! I was so happy to here that you went to President and Sister Christensen’s homecoming! They are absolutely amazing! It was so fun to see that you met Elder Smith and Elder Redd! They are super awesome too and I miss them a ton! Haha it made me so happy to see those pictures! I am going to just jump into the week cause not a ton of exciting stuff this week!

Tuesday – We street boarding in the market place and then proselyted and had english class which was really fun as always!

Wednesday – Today we had district meeting for the first time in several weeks! It was good we talked about forgiveness both gaining and giving it and I felt a lot of peace and comfort and awe and the great power and plan of our Father in Heaven! The rest of the day we were out on the street proselyting until it was time for planning and bed!

Thursday – I went on exchange with Elder Law today and it was pretty good! My district so far in Wonju has not been nearly as close as the one in Jangwii was! We still have a good time though! We proselyted saw a huge dog, saw a scary satan dog and met some really cool people! We street boarded and we set to appointments with to awesome guys which was just awesome! That night we went to a bakery with the other Elders and got some food and ate it in the big soccer stadium! It was a lot of fun!

Friday – Today we had weekly planning which was good but pretty boring because of lack of investigators! We planned a lot for members and other things though! The rest of the day we proselyted and made calls!

Saturday – Today was busy but super awesome! I had a really great day! After studies we went to my Koreans mom house! She said she is my korean mom! She is the nicest lady ever! She is so awesome! We went to her house for lunch and the other Elders brought their investigator! We had some delicious meat and wow “it ate well” as we say in korean! After my companion and I taught the other Elders investigator and it went really well! Also Sister Lee Hyunjeong, my korean mom, added a lot of amazing insights and testimony including her conversion! Wow it was amazing! It was great! We then had english and that night we had a movie night and watched meet the Mormons! It was great! I absolutely love that movie! We watched it with our branch and after we had some food that us elders made……….. it was not very tasty! Haha but hey we tried! It was a great day full of fun and stuff!

Sunday – Church was great! I have a really good little friend named Junyeong! He is 3 and we hang out! He is super cute and really likes me! He is the branch president’s son and him and his older sister are my “homies”! They stretch my korean vocabulary though! Haha he called me an elephant today…. Hahah good reason to use the word for elephant though! They also teach me a lot of fun little korean games! The rest the day we just proselyted!

This week was a good week and it was really full of a lot of good stuff! We did do a lot of proselyting again but that is okay! I have studied a lot about Faith and about gaining a witness! I have had great studies lately! I read a lot about how sometimes we don’t get a special feeling or any kind of witness at all! Sometimes we go a period of time without! We need patience and faith! That can be very hard at times but I read a quote that I really loved! I don’t remember exactly but it was something like, “Going forward in Faith when we don’t feel faith-filled sometimes brings the greatest blessings” I realized that sometimes we aren’t filled with faith and that is okay! As long as we move forward with acts of faith we will be okay! I know missions are hard but through the trials of a mission we can truly grow and learn! I am grateful for this mission and this opportunity! I love you all and hope you are doing well! I can’t wait to talk to you next week!


Elder Houston


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