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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Sindang The Heart of Seoul!

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Well it happened! I got transferred! I went to transfer meeting on Wednesday and got my new companion Elder Jung Urim! He is awesome! He is from Korea and is in his 5th transfer and this is his second area! We are white washing our area  which means two missionaries moved out and we both are moving into the area together and starting from nothing! It is a challenge for sure but a lot of fun! We were both out in Kangwon province so more the countryside so it is a big adjustment to do missionary work in the heart of one of the biggest cities in the world but it is fun too!

Tuesday 8/3 – We just rode the bus to the temple and bad traffic into Seoul made it a long ride! We stayed the night at the wonderful temple!

Wednesday 8/4 – We woke up at the temple and headed to transfer meeting.  I got my new companion and we headed to our new area and our new awesome house! We switched with the sisters because there are more Elders and so our house is sooo nice now! It is big, awesome, and it even has AACC! Haha I only sweat kind of a lot when I sleep now! I am sooo happy about it! We just unpacked and got settled in and looked at the huge map of our area and proselyted a little!

Thursday 8/5 – We had all day to proselyte today! So we proselyted to one of the most famous places in Korea and back because it is in our area. It is called Gwanghwamun! It was pretty far from the house and we were exhausted after because we still had the stress of transfers weighing us down! Haha but we did okay and slept like babies when we got home for the night!

Friday 8/6 – We did weekly planning and then again just explored the area while we proselyted! We surprisingly haven’t got lost once! Honestly it is just the spirit taking care of us because it is just amazing that we haven’t got super lost yet! A crazy rainstorm hit and so we hid in a mart and bought an umbrella for 3 bucks. Right as we walked out of the mart the building right across the street got hit by lightning and shook the ground! Haha it was nuts! Everyone started screaming! Haha except for me and my companion because we were just admiring the amazing power of nature and knew God was with us! Haha it was really loud though and our area got hit by a lot of lightning really close! It was crazy! 

Saturday 8/7– It rained and lightning super hard again today but it was awesome! Whenever ever that happens I just am inclined to sing “How Great Thou Art!” So I do! Haha we had English which was fun and then we had a baptismal service that night for an investigator and a kid who turned 8! It was pretty great! Our church building is huge! It is the headquarter of the church in Korea! It is 4 stories and has……….. a Basketball Court!!!! Wahhoooo! I am going to make good use of that I think! 

Sunday 8/8 – Our ward is like 170ish members strong maybe a little less but still huge compared to my other areas! I had to give a short little talk too and introduce myself so that was super scary! But hey it went okay and yeah! We also have a lot of American members in our area that go to an English branch elsewhere but live in our area so we get to eat with them sometimes! So my comp and I got to go eat with the Anderson family! They were super nice and super cute! He is a contractor working in the military! We had lasagna! It was delicious! Wow! Haha it was a great day!

This week was busy and awesome and stressful and fun! I know this gospel is true with all my heart and I know that what I am doing is the work of God! I have seen many blessings and miracles! I know Jesus Christ is our savior and redeemer and I know our Father in Heaven has created a beautiful plan of salvation of which he, Jesus Christ, is the center! I know this is a true message! Thank you all so much for the emails this week for my Birthday and year mark! It meant so much! I could feel so much love from all of you! I am so happy to hear from all of you! Have a great week! I can’t wait to talk to you next week!


Elder Houston

Goodbye Wonju

Goodbye Wonju

Goodbye Wonju

Goodbye Wonju

Goodbye Sister Seo

Goodbye Sister Seo

My new Companion Elder Jung Urim from Busan, Korea

My new Companion Elder Jung Urim from Busan, Korea


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