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The Work of Gathering Israel!

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This week was another amazing one, my testimony has grown a lot, I have studied a lot about the early days of the church, the restoration and the early apostles, and missions of early saints and stuff! It has been great and I have learned a lot from those early saints in this great and last dispensation! We have seen some cool things this week as well! 

Tuesday 8/18 – We met with 2 new investigators today! The first was Noe Seungyu and we taught him the whole restoration, and it went pretty well, he is pretty old but we think he understood all of it, then next was another old guy, his English name is sandy! He is really hard of hearing but a really smart guy and has a lot of cool life experience, we shared a little about the Book of Mormon and then took off to our service project with old  people! It was pretty cool, I really love doing service there! They are all so funny! That night we also taught English class!

Wednesday 8/19 – Today we had District meeting which was good! My district leader is Elder Lee, I served with him in the MTC and in Jangwii too! After we had “new senior training” because I am a new senior companion so that was pretty good, and the rest of the day we just proselyted.

Thursday 8/20 – Just a proselyting day, nothing exciting

Friday 8/21 – Weekly planning was good and a Sister missionary wanted a blessing so we got the opportunity of giving her a blessing. The rest of the day we had a lot of proselyting and that is really about it!

Saturday 8/22 – We taught English class today and we also met a new investigator there whose English name is Q! Yes… Just the letter! He wants to learn English and the gospel together! He is also old and a pretty cool guy! That night we had a recent convert/investigator activity that was pretty good. We watched part of meet the Mormons and we watched the missionary mom part which makes me cry every time I see it dang it! Haha but yeah it was great!

Sunday 8/23 – Church today was good as always and the ward here is pretty solid! We pick up a member every week from a mental hospital and he is super nice and kind to the missionaries! After church we proselyted over to a university by the Han River because we had a dinner appointment with a member in that area, it was a good walk and we got there and had some delicious Korean food! We had a ton too! She was a really good cook and I loooove squid! She fed us some squid kimchi pancakes and some kimchi soup and some yummy mystery meat! It was all delicious and super Korean! 

This week was just great! I have had many opportunities this week to drop to my knees and truly have a faith-filled conversation with Heavenly Father pleading for his help and spirit, I have learned a lot this week but one thing I really came to understand more fully is how weak we are, no matter how hard we work on our own, if we don’t have the spirit, and God on our side, it really isn’t enough! We have to have the Lord with us in order to do this work, we have to be more faith-filled servants, I am grateful for those trials of our faith that help our faith grow! I have learned so much and am so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow and work! I know Heavenly Father lives, I know his son Jesus Christ came to this Earth and established his gospel and suffered and died for us, I know that the gospel has once again been restored in this last days through the Prophet Joseph Smith and that the Book of Mormon truly is the word of God! I know this gospel is true! I love you all so much! I am grateful for all your examples in my life and all your amazing emails! Please have a great week and I can’t wait to talk to you next week! 


Elder Houston

Han River 2 Han River


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