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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Hello Family and friends!

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This week was a week full of miracles, so much so that I can’t fit it all in my email this week! But wow it was great! I am going to jump right into the email!

Monday  8/24 – We had a guy that we met in the morning and picked him up as an investigator the lesson went okay! We proselyted the rest of the day!

Tuesday 8/25 – Today was great! We had temple day and wow… I love the temple! I really do! It is absolutely amazing and I am learning more and more how to receive revelation in the sacred house of the Lord! I had another great experience there. Afterwards we went to the war museum and also we ate at a burger buffet so that was stinking good! We had a solid day today!

Wednesday 8/26 – Today was pretty great! We had district meeting which was really great and after district meeting we were on exchange so I was with Elder Lee and it was pretty great! That night we got a referral and I called and he wanted to meet that night so we did! We met that night and he is a stud! He needs help with English for a big interview coming up so we helped him but then we taught the gospel and it went really well! We have met with him every day since! 

Thursday 8/27 – Today was pretty fun! We closed the exchange and had 4 appointments. We only met with two but one was from a scary church here and was really not a good lesson, he kept telling me how the book of Mormon wasn’t true and I kept testifying it was, he got a little heated so I asked him if he had read it. He said “no” and I said then how do you know? He had to pause to think so I took advantage and again testified about how I had read it and I do know it is true and he got mad and said we will meet later and I will bring my bible master friend. We kindly said okay and he was off! 

That night we met brother Lee Rok Wan who we met yesterday and we taught him English and the gospel and again it went great! He has no religious background at all but he prayed and he said he didn’t feel anything. I committed him to pray again! so…

Friday 8/28 – Friday came around! We proselyted for a while and then met with Lee Rok Wan. I asked if he prayed the night before and he said he had. So I again asked how he felt. We expounded on prayer and answers to pray on Thursday after he felt nothing, and he said, “I noticed something this time, I felt calm”. He prayed about his mother (who is suffering with cancer) and he felt calm and comforted! We taught another lesson and he amazed us because he knew all the answers to the plan of salvation with no religious background AT ALL. After he seemed to know it all I asked, “how do you know all this?” He said, “I studied this book” as he held up the Book of Mormon. He studied the chapter we assigned him and felt like he should study more so he did. Turns out he looked in Alma 40 which is exactly what we taught! What a miracle and tender mercy!  We did weekly planning that night!

 Saturday 8/29 – Great day! We met with Jake again and it went way better than we expected! He has really struggled with alcohol in his life but he quit. He has been two months and he is down from 2 packs a day to 2 or 3 cigarettes a day and he has more interest then we first realized. He is just trying to find a church that is best for him and is so kind to us! We will meet him again soon. Later we met with Lee Rok Wan again and again he felt comfort and read about the plan of salvation, it is going great with him! We also ate dinner with him!

 Sunday 8/30 – Today was another day of miracles! We had a great day at church and really enjoyed it.  We are getting to know the ward bit by bit. After we rushed to an appointment with a potential investigator who wanted to feed us at his house. Well….. what a miracle, I can’t explain it all. We got there and they were expecting the other missionaries they met so a little awkward at first but they were sooooo kind and just and amazing couple. They are in there 50’s and just an amazing couple. They have had lots of contacts with “Mormons” and missionaries. The woman met missionaries first when she was 7 then in 2002 they met consistently for a few months with some sisters then with in the last few years met with some Elders. Then they met with us… The last missionaries they met with was “just as friends” as they said.  They had been going to another church but recently they have stopped going to church because they think the people are not living like Christians. They don’t think there church has the truth and they like how Jehovah’s witnesses live but they don’t think they have the truth either. But they love love love how the Mormons live and they aren’t sure about them. They know some but had a million questions and fed us delicious food and want to meet every week! Wow… That is not even all the miracles in detail. That is just an overview but they are prepared and amazing! We are excited! 

 This week was great! We set a new mission standard of 3 new investigators a week which most kids thought was ridiculously hard! It is hard but my companion and I have really strived for it and prayed for it! Since starting 3 weeks ago we have got 10 new investigators and we got 5 new ones this week. That is the most I have ever got in a week by far! It has been amazing! I know this gospel is true and I know that God lives and loves us! I love you all so much! Talk to you next week!


Elder Houston

(Taylor broke his camera this week so no pictures 😦


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