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Exhilaration in Exhaustion

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Well this week was another busy week! Busy is really good, that is something I have learned on my mission! Being busy is way better! The title of my email is Exhilaration in Exhaustion and I think that is so true! There really is an amazing Exhilaration in being Exhausted because of the work you have put in! We have had a great week!

Tuesday 9/8 – We had service today which I love, we work at an old folks home. The old people there are so cute and I just love them so much! They are the best and we make things with play dough with them and then do puzzles with them! They are sooo funny! I love them! After that we grabbed a quick dinner and went to English class and prepared and I got some things ready to try to start improving our class! It went pretty good I think!

 Wednesday 9/9 – We had zone training today which was really good! I really really thought it was inspired! It was almost all in Korean and I understood almost all of it so that was great! It was super good though! After we met with Rak Won Lee our investigator and helped him with English and then taught  him and it went pretty good! Afterward we had a dinner appointment with the Magleby family on base! It was a lot of fun! We had some yummy meatballs and we shared with them about faith which I have been studying about lately and deeply thinking about! It was a lot of fun to share that with them!

Thursday 9/10 -Today we had a little time to proselyte but we did that for a minute and then I had some things at the church to do for English class so I did that and made Elder Jung make some calls while I did that and then we went out to hand out English flyers for a half hour or so but the first guy I handed a flyer to turned into a 30 minute street lesson and a return appointment! Hahah so that was cool! We only handed out one flyer… Hahaha miracles! That night we met with Rak Won Lee again and he was doing really good! We taught him the Word of Wisdom which was a big lesson and it went good, it was a little awkward at first but with some encouragement he accepted! 

Friday 9/11 – We had weekly planning today which was great! We set more solid plans! After we met a potential investigator named Q! Haha just his English name! He is the cutest old korean man I ever done seen! He has an Australian accent when he speaks English and is really quite good! He is a great guy! We taught English for a bit then the gospel! After we met Rak Won Lee and taught him again! He is doing good! He is progressing well! He is so kind and really funny!

Saturday 9/12 -Today we met with Jake and then had English class and saw Q there and also met wtih Rak Won Lee at English and after and then we had stake conference after that! They all went really great but it was a very busy and packed day of stuff! I was so exhausted tonight!

Sunday 9/13 -We had stake conference and then a little time to proselyte and that night we had a dinner appointment with the Anderson family again! It was a lot of fun and we ate well! We really enjoy ourselves at those dinner appointments!

Well this week was really a solid week! I was able to see a lot of miracles! I have studied a lot about Christ’s atonement and the love that comes through that atonement! I have learned so much about how he not only suffered for our sins but for everything, pains afflictions and weaknesses! He is the only person who knows the thoughts of our heart perfectly, even more so than we know it! I have a really hard time understanding myself and organizing thoughts by myself but if I really on Jesus Christ then through the spirit I can do all of that! I can overcome, the blessing that have overwhelmed my life because of the atonement are innumerable, unimaginable, and totally infinite! It is amazing the mercy of our Heavenly Father! I know this gospel is true! I love you all and can’t wait til we can talk next week!


Elder Houston

On the Subway

On the Subway

With Elder Jungs comfy blanket

With Elder Jungs comfy blanket

It was a little tight! Haha I had to loosen it after the pic!

It was a little tight! Haha I had to loosen it after the pic!


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