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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Through the Weak and Simple!

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Hello family!

For my email this week I am not going to go through everyday but rather the highlights of the week and yeah! It sounds like you are all doing amazing!  And it sounds like there was a crazy flood in close by my hometown! I hope everyone is okay! My prayers are with those families! I will jump into the week now!

The first highlight I wanted to talk about is an update on Rak Won Lee and how he is doing! To start, on Tuesday we had an awesome lesson and talked about baptism and I invited him again to be baptized. He said yes this time and we gave him a date and he said yes! It went great! The date is Oct. 17th and we are preparing together now! We met with him almost everyday and helped him with english and he is now keeping all the commandments as well! On sunday we had a member present lesson with him which was awesome and she invited him to come with us to her house on Wednesday and talk again! He said yes and is really excited! He is such a fun guy! I love him to death! Things are going good with him so please pray for him and his baptismal date!

 The next I wanted to talk about was a kid named Ha Jung Mahn. He was a referral we got but somehow we got the wrong number! But the referral said he had been taught all the lessons and had a baptismal date and was awesome so I called the office Elders and at first was pretty frustrated with it but then we got a new office Elder who was willing to help me out a little more and he found the right number for me and we called and we met him! It was great! One of my homies in the ward was at the church because she teaches institute and after saw us teaching so had some food and came in with her friend and said let’s eat! So we ate and they built a great relationship because she and our investigator are both 23! She got home from Busan last year in November so she is a good member missionary! We had a member present and it went great! We hope to meet him again soon! 

The next thing we did was help our new military branch couple! They are a senior couple and we had to go in and help them set up wifi and their phones cause they don’t speak any korean and it was good to build a relationship with them! Their names are the Cannon’s and they are a good couple and bought us ice cream after so that was a lot of fun!

 Lastly we had dinner with the Shamo family! They were awesome! They fed us some yummy American food and we chatted and shared a message! There kids were adorable and reminded me of my little brothers and sisters except for my brothers and sisters seem to be growing up so much it is crazy! But we had a lot of fun and they are really awesome!

This week was great! I saw a lot of miracles! It was also a hard for me. I pondered a lot and I don’t know it was just really hard too, but it was so amazing to see the Lord take me in my weak and sad state and still help me to see miracles and be able to do what I needed to do to help our investigators! It is amazing to see the hand of the lord take such a small, weak, and simple person such as myself and make it so I can still work and do what He needs done! I know that if we are humble, that makes the atonement work. When we are humble the atonement can work in our lives. It can change and mold us into something that God wants us to be! Something better! I am grateful for the atonement! I know this gospel is true! I love you all and will talk to you next week!


Elder Houston

Note from Taylor’s Mom:

We got a fun surprise this morning!  An email from an amazing member family that is working in Korea and fed our missionary!  I loved, loved, loved the email so wanted to share it with you!


You don’t know us, but we fed your awesome missionary and his companion tonight!  When we asked if there was anything in particular they wanted for dinner, he answered “anything American!”.  So we fed them meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veggies, rolls, and some cinnamon rolls for dessert – I think that was American enough for them – they ate well and seemed satisfied. 🙂  I’m sure you know this (but it might be nice to hear while he’s on the other side of the world) – what a great young man you’ve raised!  He is so personable, very kind, asked if he could help with anything, played with our kids, shared a great message about family prayer, and was simply a delight to have in our home.  He seems healthy and happy, is working really hard, and having success!  

We just thought you’d like to know. 🙂

Tiffany & Darrin Shamo

P.S. – We found out that he knew of the Shamo’s in Hurricane – they happen to be related to my husband.  Small world. 🙂

Pictures from Elder Houston:

Our Investigator, Rak won lee
Our Investigator, Rak won lee
Shamo Family...ties to Southern Utah

Shamo Family…ties to Southern Utah

Another Random Pic Cute... Downtown Seoul Japanese Stuff




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