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Well this week was not super busy, we didn’t have a lot of stuff going on but we did have a few fun things. The highlight of coarse was getting to watch conference and watch our Beloved Prophet Thomas Spencer Monson address us. I only have a few things to say this week other than about conference so I will say them first!

This week we had zone conference which was good, but highlights this week were: We met with a family named the Cragun family, members on base, and we ate with them! They were super super awesome and she made something dad is familiar with from his mission in Costa Rica! Tres Leches! Or 3 milks in English and it was sooo delicious! They were a family of 8 and they were just so kind! She also sent us home with some real American cereal! They were awesome!

We met with our investigator HanSang and had a good lesson, we taught English first and then the restoration, it went better then the previous lesson. I spoke with more confidence and authority and he felt the spirit! Elder Jung and I worked together well in that lesson and he prayed for us at the end it was great! 

Okay one fun little story for you! We have an investigator named Q and he is the cutest old man in the entire world! We teach him English and the gospel! He is reading the BOM and doing good. This week we met him and sat at a park! We talked and he told me about history in Korea because I have been really curious! He was living history though! He is amazing. When he was 15 he walked around his neighborhood with a M-1 rifle defending his area! Wow! Koreans are amazing! After we talked for a while he asked if we were cold because it is getting cold, really fast, no fall happened! And we said we were okay but he said lets get up and move! So he said “wait a second”. He got up and slowly, very slowly hobbled over and grabbed a rope and said lets move that rock, pointing at a giant boulder in the ground! Hahah I was like no way, me, Elder Jung and this Old man who can barely walk. But Korean Old people are tough as nails! Haha so we did just that. I got some sturdy branches and propped them under the rock and hoisted it up and got the rope under and we moved that rock about 5 feet to where he wanted it! It was great! He is awesome!

The last thing is this week I had an interview with President and it was great! He is really happy and just a super good guy.  The first thing he said when I walked in was, “Houston, We have…… NO Problem!” hahah it was great! He is a good guy and really is loving! That was on Friday then on Saturday and we had to go to he office, which is basically right next to his house, we had to get conference off of a flash drive from the AP’s so we could set it up for the missionaries in English. We got there and practiced a song we were singing and President said Hi to us all while we were singing and then asked if we could help him for a second! We said yes of course! Him and Sister Sonksen needed help moving some furniture upstairs so we went up and Elder Fisher and I were super excited for any physical labor! so us along with the AP’s jumped right in and did it. Then we got to the bed. It was too big for that room so we struggled but got it. Half way through we hit the wall and President just said “oh well” with a happy face and said keep going. Then we accidentally hit the wall again and were caught and couldn’t move. We all stood up and looked at President to see what next. He paused, looked right up at me, and said half giggling, “Houston, We have a problem!” Hahahahahaah everyone started laughing and then we continued! Haha we eventually got the bed situated just how Sister Sonksen wanted it! It was a fun adventure!

 Okay my letters always turn out so long, but lastly I wanted to talk about conference! Wow, what a blessing it is to be able to listen to conference and listen to modern Prophets and apostles who truly do lead and guide the church today! God called Prophets and apostles and through them he does lead is church! One of my favorite talks was Elder Hollands. He talked about Mother’s. Everything he said was dead on,  that motherly love is closer to divine love of God than anything on earth! Mothers are amazing, my Mother is amazing! There were only two talks that got the tear glands pumping for me and that was one of them. I said at the end, “I just want to give my mom a hug.” Then I looked over at Elder Fisher, haha me and him are both sports guys and like to be tough no cry kinda guys but when it comes to our Mommas we both get teary eyed! Haha he put his arm around me and said “me too!” So thank you mom! For all you have done and all you do! You are amazing! And lastly I would like to talk about my favorite talk. My favorite talk was that of the Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson in the Sunday morning session. This was the other talk that jerked on my tear glands. One reason it was my favorite is because all the questions I prepared about spiritual things were answered beautifully in this talk, we are the light, we must stand out and be different and be the light. The other reason, is because I watched the Prophet of God on the earth, his body and health fail him, stand and finish his sermon with Power and complete composure. His testimony at the end was hard for him to muster the strength to even say, but it was so powerful that I was filled with the knowledge once again of the fact that Thomas Monson is a prophet of God! I know that is true. I have been in the presence of that man only once in my life and I know, with all my heart that he is the prophet of God. One of his favorite and most shared scriptures is D&C 84:88. This is my favorite scripture. I know that angels were around him bearing him up during his talk, they were sustaining the prophet in that time of need! I know Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God! I wish I could tell you more how much I know that is true but this email will have to do for now!  I know God lives and Christ is his son and heads this his true church! I know the gospel is true!


Elder Houston


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