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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Keeping Busy and Having Fun!

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Hey everyone! You all sound like you are doing great! It is nice to hear from all of you! Thank you so much for emailing me! I hope you all had a very happy Halloween! 

Well this week was jammed pack with different things! We were super busy this week!

Some of the highlights was we had a few dinner appointments with American families! We ate with the Peregoys, the Craguns, and the Shamos! They were all great! I love all those families and they are always so good to all of us here in Korea! I am really grateful for there kindness to us, it is always uplifting to go visit their homes!

On Wednesday I had “Trainers” training and I learned a ton there and it was really great! All the trainers were such great guys and missionaries so I felt the pressure of the task but I also felt so good after we got our training from President! Then the next day we had transfers! I got met my new companion and “greeny” Elder Lewis! He is a good guy! He is from Boston and likes Golf, Hockey, Baseball and Lacross and stuff! He is a good kid and I am excited to be able to work with him! 

We met with a few investigators this week including Q our cute old man and HanSang! Both of them went really good! We gave HanSang a Baptismal date! It was great! We love them both and Elder Lewis did great in both lessons! I was impressed by his bravery! He is doing great!

Then on Saturday we had a ton of stuff! We had a Baptismal service for my good friend Javier at 8 am and that was great! He is a really good guy and was baptized by his friend on base! After that we rushed to the office and had a fireside with a guy named PJ Rogers! He is a really great guy! I learned a ton! He served here and is kind of famous in Korea and knows Korean culture super well and also knows the language super well! It is great and he gave us a lot of wonderful instruction! After that we had a giant ward activity! So we rushed back and we had a movie that we got permission from president to watch with the ward and it was fantastic! It was about when North Korea attacked a South Korean military boat in 2002 when the World cup was happening! It was a completely true story and heart breaking! I cried like a baby and it brought me so much closer to the Korean people! After that we had a magic show which was fun and then a music night which a professional oboe player who is a less active member came and played and it was unreal! It was a fun day! 

All in all this week was great! I am really exhausted cause this week was packed but I am really happy too! I have a testimony of the gospel! It can get us through anything and everything. I know that through the hardest times and the best of times the spirit guides us through this great adventure of life! I know with all my heart that there is a Prophet, and true mouthpiece of God on the earth today! I know that Thomas S. Monson is that prophet! I am grateful for all you guys do for me and I am grateful for this gospel! I know that it is true!


Elder Houston

With my new companion Elder Lewis

With my new companion Elder Lewis

Yummy Food

Yummy Food

Yummy Dinner

Yummy Dinner


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