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kimchi making, Palaces, and the Saints of Korea

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Well I can tell you that this week has been absolutely amazing! It was a fun and really busy week this week! I was so happy to hear from all of you! Sounds like everyone is great! I am doing great because I am in the amazing Republic of Korea! I absolutely love it here! I am so attached to this place and the people! Especially our members, the saints of Korea!

To start off this week we did some Kimchi making on Tuesday! What a treat and what an adventure! haha I made kimchi and more kimchi and got kimchi sauce everywhere and had a grand ole time doing it too! Afterward we walked clear across Seoul to get to our service project! It was a fun activity and I love Kimchi!

Later during the week Elder Fisher and I went on splits to teach his investigator and go to a dinner with an american family and it was awesome! We ate with the Kraft family and she made ribs and it was just unreal! Elder Fisher and I really enjoyed ourselves! They invited a family over who is new here and he is from Dominican Republic and she is from Cuba and they are fluent at english and Spanish! It is unreal! They speak both as a family! Hahah it is weird to watch! But they were sooo nice and we had a great message with all of them!

So on Friday our investigator Q the cute old man who is awesome wanted to take us to a palace to learn about Korean history! President Sonkson was all for the idea to learn more about this culture and blessed place! Well it turned out to be an incredible experience! Also kind of funny! We went and Q walks slower than cold tar running up a hill in the winter time because his back isn’t so great but it made us really walk slow and appreciate stuff! It was amazing! It was King SaeJung’s palace and he is the most famous king and invented the korean alphabet and did some other amazing things and is so famous and his palace might be the most famous! It is amazing! WE loved it! We learned so much about korean history anciently in the dynasty periods and also the war and more current history! I soaked it all in and just loved it! I have such a love for this amazing and resilient people! Q is so old but has so much passion when he speaks of these things! He was really part of the history of the terrible war! He was born into poverty in Japan and fought to get freedom once again! It was a great experience and helped us love Korea even more! The funny part was there was a ton of girls there and tons of Chinese girls too, and we 3 Americans and a Korean kid in suits and ties walking around with a really old Korean guy and following him everywhere! It drew some attention! A lot actually…. we could barely walk anywhere without being photographed! Haha it was funny at first cause sometimes that happened but after a while it got really difficult to see the palace! It was like we were celebrities people would just stare… Then after we were just finishing up and about to leave I made a fatal mistake! Hahahaha I saw a girl trying to take a secret pic of us and so I decided to be funny! I held my thumbs up and smiled….. bad idea! She ran up and asked for to take “photo, photo” and that is no big deal, it had happened to us a bunch that day and we are missionaries and try to be so nice so we say yes and take a quick picture all together then politely move on as fast as we can ! So we said sure but then…. in about 5 seconds we had a line of like 30-40 girls to take pics with us! Hahah it was ridiculous but Q thought it was funny and we all stood by and they took pics! it was pretty hilarious actually! Once we got a break we took off quick! Stuff like that sometimes happens here but I have never seen it like that! It was insane! People would just stare like an alien from outer space walked by! Haha it was super funny!

Okay quick update on investigators! Rak Won Lee is the best as always working so hard but was willing to meet with us on Saturday his one off day! We are such good friends! Since he has started to keep the Word of Wisdom he is such a handsome guy! He will get baptized next Saturday if all plans align! We picked up a couple new investigators this week including one really cool Chinese guy named Wangzhen!

To end my letter I would like to talk about the amazing saints in Korea! We were invited to the Bishop’s house this last sunday to eat Authentic Mexican food made by a great Sister in our ward who spent a lot of time and effort! We went and it was great! We had such a great time and the food was UNREAL! I was so so happy! We had a recent convert who is in highschool and is my really good friend here and the AP’s really want me to pic up his mom as an investigator through working with him which we are doing now! She came as well! She is so awesome too! We got to talk a ton with members of the Bishopric and there wives and a few others in the ward and After the dinner Elder Fisher and Elder Jung shared a message about working together members and missionary because that is the focus this month! Well that was great! Then Bishop stood and talked about it! Bishop Sunggyungjin is a powerful and amazing man who is very close with the spirit! I love him so much! He talked about his conversion, he was emotional as he told of the struggle of not being accepted by others and the opposition of his parents in his decisions! I was touched! He was emotional and said how much this work means to him, he bore his sweet testimony to the recent convert kid and his Mother and the spirit was so thick you could see it rest upon them and all and work in their hearts! I was so grateful to be part of such a great work and cause in Korea! The challenges the saints in Korea face are amazing, and they are strong because of that! I had such a great time and built great relationships with those there and the focus here is now on missionary work and the relationships with the ward are flourishing! Great things are about to happen in the Sindang area! I am so excited for the work to be done here! I am grateful for this work and for Korea! I know this gospel is true!

Elder Houston


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