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겨울 도착했다 Winter has arrived

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Well this week was a great one! Very cold but great! We got the first snow of the winter this week! Its snowed for two days this week but not a ton came down! On thanksgiving it snowed! I love the snow! Hahah But it was a great week full of fun and hard work and trials and miracles! Just he usual missionary life! 

First things first, I got my Christmas package in the mail! I was so happy and am excited for the Christmas season! The Peregoy’s kindly provided! They are super awesome and so kind to us! They always provide us with fun stuff and good food! 

Every Tuesday we do a service project at an old folks day care center. This week we went and had a super fun time! It was really cold and wintery and the season of Christmas was in my heart so I was happy to go! It was the funnest service ever! We played charades with them and had such a good time, and then we sang traditional Korean songs and had a good time! I love it and was so happy to go there! 

Our update for investigators… first of course is Rak Won Lee! We are so crazy close but his job is absolutely crazy! So demanding! He was ready to get baptized on Saturday but had to work all weekend! He worked 90 hours this week so he couldn’t get baptized! It was very sad and frustrating for me, but we are so supportive of him and he was sad and disappointed as well! He is so ready! All the people who know him and this situation are sad and so stuck! But we will help him, and figure out a way! Keep praying for him! He is so awesome! He said he will come to my wedding! Haha we are that close, he seriously might fly to America when I get married! I want him to have the gospel a part of the rest of his life so bad! Please pray for him! I also want to talk about a new investigator WangZhen from China! He is awesome! He came to church this Sunday and afterward we taught and gave him a Baptismal date! he is doing really well and progressing a ton! He hated the talk in church cause it was “boring” but he loved the atmosphere and people! The few people that speak Chinese said hi and talked to him and were so kind! It was really great! We are excited for him as well! 

For thanksgiving this week we actually got to go to an American family’s house and eat thanksgiving there! It was soooooooooo great! We had Wangzhen come and there was a lot of missionaries and members and investigators! It was great! We were so happy to be there and we ate some really delicious food! We are so grateful for the Tallot’s! They are awesome.

Lastly I wanted to share a cool and unique experience I had this week! This week Elder Fisher and I went on split and went to the Kraft families house! They are awesome and had done some work and had some referrals for us. Elder Fisher is leaving soon so I went with him because I know that family and will be working with them when he leaves. Sister Kraft is from Dominican Republic and Brother Kraft served in Boliva I believe. We went and turns out that 5 families came and were a part of the night! They were all Hispanic and almost all spoke good english! I of coarse busted out my few lines of Spanish! Haha it was great! haha but we taught a message in English at the beginning! It went great, we talked about God and Eternal families a lot! Well, the spirit was thick, I got to see how the people of Southern America are so prepared! Two families were really touched and talked to us after, one guy talked to me and told about his family and his kids and the struggles he was having to help them keep his Catholic values. He wanted to know more about us, and the family, and how to strengthen it. His wife was talking to brother Kraft about the gospel and another lady from a different family was talking to Elder Fisher and all attention was on us while we all talked with the families! It was amazing and we hope to be able to follow up soon and see if we can’t help them come unto Christ! It was a new experience! Nothing like that has ever happened to me or Elder Fisher! We came out of there on a cloud of happiness! It was so amazing! The world is small and all connected! It is amazing to see that hand of the Lord moving through all nations! 

 This week was amazing! We saw so many miracles and so many great things! I am so happy to be here on earth during this great and last dispensation helping to gather Israel! I love this work and I am so happy to be apart of it! I know that God truly lives, he loves each and every one of his children! He knows us and answers our prayers! I know Christ lives and loves us! Have a great week and I will talk to you again soon! 


Elder Houston


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