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Work of the Lord: Busy and Beautiful

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Hey everybody! It sounds like you are all great! I am always happy to hear from you! I hope you are having an amazing Christmas season and remember the root of the word Christmas and the true meaning of Christmas! Well this week was great! We had a ton of stuff this week so I am just going to mention the main points as usual!

This week we had Zone meeting and learned about the Christmas Initiative! We are really excited about it because it is a great opportunity to teach people about Christ! It is kind of confusing and difficult because we are moving to a lot of online things for the initiative because the church is doing great stuff online and the online things about the church in Korea are struggling. The difficult part is we don’t have any online resources so we are having to figure out some special unique and fun ways to get videos and things out there to the people! It was a great initiative but wow Zone meeting went way to long!! But it was great! 

 This week we ate with the Peregoy’s and the Castro’s! They are both awesome families and are super nice! We have a lot of fun on base but it is a lot of work as well! Those to families are super awesome! The Castro’s son taught me chess, and then taught me how to lose in chess…… haha it was pretty great! We had a good time! We also had 12 week follow-up this week which is the first 12 weeks for a missionary or his “greenie” stage and it is the half way mark so we had a meeting with President and learned some good stuff! It was pretty great! 

Okay now a little about investigators! First is Rak Won Lee! He has had a rough week and hasn’t been able to be baptized! We are struggling to meet with him despite his efforts and ours. He will have to get interviewed again for baptism! He is great! keep him in your prayers please! Wangzhen is doing great! I taught him with Elder Jung this week and because Elder Jung speaks pretty good Chinese we were able to answer a lot of good questions! He is doing well and is progressing! We are excited for him! We also got a new investigator this week from base! He was a referral and his name is Doug Pasnik! He is such a great guy! We met him with the Patterson family and he is dating a member of the church pretty seriously so he is taking the lessons to learn! We met with him twice with the Patterson family and had some incredible lessons! He is such a great guy and friend and we are excited to keep meeting him! 

The member work in Korea is really picking up! At least I can see it a lot in our area! We have started to develop great relationships with the ward! We are having a lot of fun and seeing a lot of miracles and the ward seems to be generally strengthened! They are more warm to the missionaries now and there is a lot of good things  happening! I am great for the Lord’s hand in the work! I really really am grateful for trials. When we have trials we are humbled and rely on the Lord and when we rely on the Lord our weakness becomes our strength and we become greater than we were before! So trials and stress and opposition really make us become greater! I am grateful for so many blessings in my life! I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ and for the sweet babe who come humbly lying in a manger! I know this gospel is true!

 I love you all! Talk to you soon! 


Elder Houston

*Side Note from Taylor’s Mom

I thought I would share another little bit of a conversation I had with Taylor.  He was a little stressed this week but very excited about all the exciting things happening:

…….. I have also been just crazy busy! Our hard work is paying off but we are packed! I am also the District Leader now so that was kind of stressful to take on because we have some older Elders in our district than me and I wasn’t really expecting it and there is a lot of stuff I have to do for that and I have been doing a lot of stuff on base as well and working with that branch! I am in the process of becoming the new base missionary as well! So I will be working a lot with our Korean ward and the one on base which is an English branch of Americans and has like 200 members and there is a lot of potential for it to be a really good resource! It is confusing though! So just a lot of stuff to take on and a lot of stuff and training too! It is all a ton of fun though! 

Elder Lewis & Elder Houston

Elder Lewis and Elder Houston

My District

My District

Snow in Korea 2

Snow in Korea

Snow in Korea

Snow in Korea

Elder Lewis did the yogurt challenge.... He lost... #barfed #unbeatable

Elder Lewis did the yogurt challenge…. He lost… #barfed #unbeatable

This is Coagulated cow blood.... I ate it.... Not ma fav!

This is Coagulated cow blood…. I ate it…. Not ma fav!



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