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Bad Week for the Body but Great for the Seoul

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Hey every body! It sounds like you are all doing good and Christmas break is coming up quick! The Christmas season is a great time of year! The good thing about the title of this email is it does make for a couple of hilarious stories! haha 

We will start this email with an explanation of why this week was “Bad for the Body.” Please feel free to laugh! So sometimes in the morning I wake up early and go to a community center gym close to our house with Elder Fisher. Well, one morning we got up to go and we always run on the way there. Well, some background about Korean sidewalks, they are all cobblestone and not very good cobblestone, kind of uneven and can easily grab your toe when walking. Well, I was running full speed on this sidewalk and I came around a turn and I got caught by and uneven cobblestone! And I mean really stuck! My big toe smashed it and I was going full speed so I went down hard first onto my knee and then rolled a few times…. nobody but elder fisher saw so that was good.   I have a big bruise on my knee now still and my toe kind of hurts still.  Okay next story, so later that week we got permission to go out after planning and run for just 10 minutes, it was my redeeming run….. so I thought. Well we were running and it was dark, really dark and we ran to Dongdaemun and on the way back we were hauling! Haha it was my redeeming run so I had to push it! So I was going really fast….. really fast….. and I went to step around a lady blocking my way and suddenly I got hit by a stinking freight train!! so I thought anyways! Well turns out in front of some parking lots they have that thing that lets you in and out, well the end is a big black rubber thing. The same black as darkness actually so virtually invisible if you are running fast and it is dark out! So Elder Fisher and I didn’t see it at all! Well yes I hit this inanimate object and I went flying! It completely took me off the ground, I hit the ground so hard I bounce right back up and turned to the lady who was screaming, said sorry, and took off running before people could stare. I honestly thought I broke my collar bone but I didn’t so no worries. I couldn’t move my left arm for a day or two and I have a pretty gnarly bone bruise on my collar bone and chest!!! Hahah and then to top of the week I got sick yesterday had a fever and had a really busy and stressful day so no time for rest! hahahaa Oh classic Elder Houston…. 

Okay now for the Great for the Soul (Seoul) (see what I did there) part! Well this week we went to the temple, the house of the Lord and wow I love that place! I had such a great experience once again! We also went to the war museum and learned about the Korean war which is sadly only a small part of American history courses but is actually a hhuuuuugggee part of American history as well! I got to learn of the amazing Korean people and what they went through and how far they have come!

Wangzhen is doing great! He is preparing for baptism and came to church! We met with Rak WonLee this week as well and we had a tough lesson about the sabbath day and keeping it holy and his job! We spoke with boldness and because we did so with love he accepted well, he committed to tell his boss he could not work on Sundays. I will call him soon and see how it went! And also on Sunday I had a million meetings! I had PEC meeting and worked a lot with coordinating between the ward and the missionaries and also because I am the new military base missionary as well I had some meetings on base and we are trying to work on some permission to get me to go to the South Mission for a Sunday soon and meet at the branch building there so the members could see me a little more and we could build a little better relationship! It was busy but man it was productive and kept my mind off of my fever so thank goodness for that! It was such a great week and I have learned a ton!

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve others!  The opportunity to learn and grow as well! I know that the gospel is true! I know I say it a lot, but I do. I have found so much happiness and truth in it. I have found so much happiness and comfort in times of trial knowing that I can live with my family forever, that I can be with them and see them all again! I know Christ came and suffered for everything we have felt! He came to the earth, and he performed the atonement! He is our savior, and he can comfort us in our deepest and most exquisite sorrows. I know he came to earth, I know through him, all can find relief. Because a savior is born…. All can find peace and happiness. I know this gospel is true!


Elder Houston

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