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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Christmas Season

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Well this week was an interesting one for me! Hahah before we get into the letter I just want to say for my mom that I am doing well now and I am almost completely healthy again! Haha but I loved hearing from you all today and I am very grateful for all the Christmas love! This week was a fun one, and an interesting one! We should just jump right into it I think!

So this week I got to plan three zone activities working with the zone leaders and it was sooo stressful and I had a ton to do. Well I wasn’t feeling to good all week but at the beginning of the week I got most all of it taken care of but then Tuesday night before English I ran home and took my temperature cause I was not feeling good at all! Well I had a 102 fever and so I stayed home and tried to sleep it off but I was so hot it was hard! The next morning I woke up and felt a little better but still had my crazy cough that I have had since last Saturday. Well I felt pretty good and I had my first District Meeting to give so I took a few Advil and went to district meeting, I had a few cough attacks but made it, it went pretty good! District meeting was fun! We had a lot to discuss as a district and it was pretty great! After that I went on exchange with Elder Fisher cause he had a more relaxed schedule with his sign language class so I went to that and after went home and again had a fever, so I slept it off again but Thursday morning when I woke up I did not feel good, I got ready and then just collapsed on my bed and fell asleep! My comp came out a little later and made me take my temperature and I still had a fever so he called Sister Sonksen and Sister Cannon our mission nurse and they said I wasn’t to leave the house. So I stayed home and slept all day when I really wanted to go to the zone activity I had put so much planning into but I missed it, I felt so sick, that night i still had a fever and the next morning I still did, not as bad but still had one so my comp updated the Sonksens and the Cannons and I got sent to the hospital…. dang it! Haha well I went to the hospital and I got checked and turns out I have a respiratory infection! They got me some antibiotics to help keep the infection from spreading and to help kill it off and also a million other drugs, like allegra D, codiene, some gnarly tylenol, a couple random ones I don’t know the name of and yeah! So I went home and was bedded down the rest of the day friday and all of Saturday as well! haha it was pretty miserable cause I missed all three super fun and Christmas zone activities! But hey on the bright side saturday night i started to feel better and yesterday Sunday I did a full day of normal stressful missionary work and was fine! just had a little cough! So Momma Don’t Worry! I am Fine!!!!! Promise!!!!!

Haha so other news for the week is Wangzhen is still doing good! We met him and we are having his baptismal interview and baptism this week on Christmas day! We are really excited for him! It is going to be great! We had a good lesson with him Sunday and helped him a lot I think! He is doing really good! No update on Rak Won Lee yet!

Other than that this week didn’t have much more to it! I am grateful for this opportunity to be a missionary! I am so grateful for Jesus Christ my Lord and savior. I am grateful for this Chirstmas and my opportunity to serve and truly completely remember the true meaning of Christmas! There really is a special spirit of Christmas, try to pay attention to it because it really is the spirit of Christ! The joy we can find through the gospel is amazing and I am so happy to share it with others! I know God lives, he hears and answers our prayers, he is aware of all his children and he is always there for us no matter who we are, where we are, what we have done, or why, we can address him, he will accept us if we come to him and follow his son Jesus Christ! I know this gospel is true!


Elder Houston


image Some of the elders decided to do a fun family picture for Christmas ! 😂😂😂



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