Elder Houston

The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

새해 복 많이 받으셨죠!?

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Hey family!! How is everyone? Seems like everybody is doing great and looks like my family had a super fun week! Here in Korea I am having fun as well! I will jump right into my letter quick this week!

This week started with us meeting with Doug again and having a really good lesson, he is a great guy, and we really felt the spirit. I relied a lot on the spirit cause he was asking a lot of questions about scriptures and where things were and the spirit kept bringing them to my mind and we were able to share a lot of really good scriptures and have a very spiritual lesson of testifying!

Tuesday’s are the best! I love Tuesday’s! We do service every week and just have a great time while we are there!  The old people are so awesome and my friends and teach me all kinds of accents! It is really fun! Then after we always go to a place called Tospia and eat! We are really good friend with the owner there and she is just so kind to us! She has our spot ready and gets started with our order before we come! When I was sick she made me some Lemon tea every time we went there for free! It was great! We love it so much there! Then we had English class which is always a ton of fun! 

We also taught our investigator Dr. Hong and Roy this week! They are both soooo awesome and I love them, bother lessons were awesome! Roy is so great and progressing a lot! He has a baptismal date for the end of the month! We had a very spiritual and real lesson with him! Then on Sunday he came to church! Sunday was crazy!!! I had soooo much stuff to talk to Bishop about at PEC and we had so many good things happening and good people to church less actives, investigators and part member families! It was a successful week and Bishop was really happy and we talked for a long time after church! He is amazing and has a huge testimony! 

Well all in all it was a fantastic week! Full week which is just how I like it! I really am having so much fun here in Sindang and I am learning a lot, I still have so much to learn it is at times overwhelming but I am learning! I hope I can learn all that God needs me too! I am so grateful to be a missionary and be able to dedicate 110 percent of my focus on God’s work the salvation of souls! I know God lives, our trials and afflictions truly are for a moment but then if we endure well we will find peace and gain the Eternal reward of living with our Father in Heaven forever! I am grateful to be a missionary I love this work, I know it is true. I am no where near perfect but I will never stop trying to get better and one day become perfect because I know this gospel is true and through Jesus Christ, ALL things are possible! I know this gospel is true!


Elder Houston

Christmas Food

Christmas Food (Taylor thinks American candy is way too sweet now!)



This is a fun Korean game I love!

A Fun Korean Game that Elder Houston Loves!

tried to take a cool pic

He still has photo taking skills!





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