Elder Houston

The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Transfer calls were this week…….


Well this week was crazy! I don’t have a huge email for you but just to start I want to say I love you all and I am so happy to always here from you all! Thank you fro all you guys have done for me in my life and for always emailing!  

So We got transfer calls two days ago. Previous to transfer calls I really thought I would stay in Sindang because a lot of good things were happening in my area! I was really shocked when I got a call from President that I will be transferring! I will be serving in a new area called Gireum! it is right next to my first area! I am really excited, and nervous, and very sad, and just a lot of emotions! But I am excited to go where the Lord wants me to go!

Before we had our transfer calls though we had a busy week! We visited a really, really old and respected member of our ward and built really good relationships with him and I was just amazed by his testimony and love. We talked about North Korea, and I listened to this amazing man talk about his Brothers in Korea, things are so rough with the relationship of North and South Korea. It is heartbreaking, but the love this man had for North Koreans touched me. He said if North Korea opened for missionary service tomorrow, this tiny, old old man, would walk there and preach to every one of his brothers the happy news of the gospel! He would tell as many people as he could! I nearly cried talking to him, I have had several similar experiences lately and I know that, that day when that is possible is not far off as it may seem! I am honored to serve among such an amazing people!   

 I also gave District Meeting on Wednesday and it was fun, I had a million things to get through and get done but, it went well! The Lord really blesses us when we need it! I found it all worked out when I didn’t think I could get it all done! Then we practiced some singing for Sunday! Thursday we ate with a Less active and his family and the Sisters, it was good, we had a good meeting with them then Friday we met the Peregoy’s and taught there none member friend Brock! He is awesome and we had a great time as always! I am going to miss them a ton!!! We also met with Roy our investigator and had a great lesson with a member!

Then on Sunday we had a busy day, PEC in the morning, I gave a small talk in church because I was leaving and President and Sister Sonksen came and the AP’s talked as well, and Elder Grover and Elder Lujan! We are all leaving! Then we sang, and we sang, how great thou art and we started with a Duet….. haha me and Elder Lujan who doesn’t have any more singing experience than me….. I was nervous, but wow, that sound was amazing! When everyone else came in and we sang, it took everything I had to hold back the tears! Especially on that beautiful last verse, the source of our hope, Christ coming again! Then I had a big meeting at a different ward to discuss with priesthood leaders about English class, and teaching English and how to improve! It was good but hard to understand! haha  classic! 

 Anyways I really do know this gospel is true! I know I say it all the time, but it isn’t just words, I say that sincerely! I truly know that Jesus is the Christ, he atoned for our sins, and we are preparing for his triumphant return when we can shout with acclamation, “My God, how great thou art!” I know that he is the source of our hope, I testify of him and I tell all people of him, I love him and he loves me and loves all of you! I know with all my heart that this gospel is true! I love you all! Talk to you soon!


Elder Houston

 (Side note from Taylor’s Mom…I think it’s funny that he doesn’t mention it in his big email, but Elder Houston was called to be a Zone Leader.  He is overwhelmed and feels inadequate but also excited for the challenge of the new call.  This is a small portion of what he said to me over an email:

“….my phone started to buzz, and it was President…… He calls the ZL’s and so I answered and he told me about my area and said he needed me and the Lord needed me and I felt the pressure and just the shock, but I am handling it better now! At first I was really emotional and just surprised and felt pretty inadequate but again I am doing better now and I am excited! I will tell you one thing, if nothing else I will work really really hard to do everything I can!”)


Seoul tower hike2

P-Day Adventures


Seoul tower hike4

Seoul Tower Hike

Seoul tower hike3

Seoul Tower Hike

Seoul tower hike

Seoul Tower Hike

me and elder jung had a cooking contest!

Elder Jung and I had a cooking contest

cooking competition! tie....

Cooking Competition….It was a tie!

Stressful Week

Stress Relief

Stressful Week 2

Stress Relief

me after transfer calls........... emotions

Me afer transfer calls….emotions!

bye to my friend Lucy!

Bye to my friend Lucy

bye bye

Bye, Bye!

Goodbye to Elder Lewis and Elder Jung

Saying goodbye to Elder Lewis and Elder Jung. They will be missed.




2 thoughts on “Transfer calls were this week…….

  1. I am going to miss seeing Houston and Lewis together. I will forever be grateful that McKay had such a fantastic trainer. I hope they can meet up again one day when they’re all home.


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