Elder Houston

The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Testifying of Christ

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Hello family and friends! I love you all and I am happy to hear from you! Thank you so much for the great emails! This week has been a pretty crazy week and a pretty fun week, I am excited to tell you about it, but it was very busy so I will just get started! 

 For the first part of my week it consisted of packing and meeting people and saying bye to our recent convert Wangzhen and our service project people and English class all were very difficult! Then Wednesday morning I loaded my stuff in a taxi and took off to my new area! Arrived got a little settled and started doing stuff and learning about the zone and stuff! We had English class that night which was great!

We had to go get somethings and do a house check in Jangwii my old area and it was so awesome to go back and to see my old area! I was so happy and it was really weird to go back there and see it! It was fun! We also had a huge missionary broadcast this week. World wide in fact! So…. Elder Hong my comp and I had to set up everything for that, one projector in English and one TV in Korean and get the internet connected! It was fun, and hectic! haha so on Friday we watched the broadcast and it was really really great! I learned a ton! I also got to meet all the zone and say hi and shake peoples hands and it was a lot of fun! That night we went and ate with a member and talked with him! He is a great guy and it was fun!

We also had a great week at church this week! I got to meet a lot of members and give a short talk and introduce myself and it was pretty great! I love the ward they all seem so nice and there are some really cool people here! We also had dinner with a member Sunday night which was fun!

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary and testify of Jesus Christ! I know he is our savior and he suffered for us. Because of the atonement, we can truly be healed, we can overcome all sin, temptation, pain, suffering, we can overcome everything because He descended below all of it, and he overcame, so he can help us overcome so that we might one day live with him, and Heavenly Father again in eternal happiness! I know God lives and I know with all my heart that he loves us infinitely, we cannot comprehend how much he loves us! He loves every single person who has ever lived on this earth. He sent his son who loves us equally as much! I am so grateful for Heavenly Fathers love and for the gospel! I know this gospel is true.


Elder Houston



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