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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

동 존 Dong Zone

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Well this week was great! And very busy! We had a super super busy week but a very fun and interesting week! It has been quite a long week for me actually! I am having fun here though! I am so happy to see my family and see Tyson playing ball and here about Trev in Lessons! I miss you all a ton! Thank you for the great emails! 

 Well this week was hectic, but great! Last monday we met with Bishop and had a delicious dinner with him! It was a good time! I love him and his family! He is a great guy! A lot quieter and shy than Sindang Bishop but super great! We met with a less activeh this week! We call him goose and it was good! He needs some faith though!

 This week after our awesome District meeting by Elder Brantley I went on exchange with the AP’s! Elder Yetter! It was good fun and super productive! We met one really cool kid and ended up meeting him again later with Elder Hong! We had a great lesson and the spirit was so strong! some of the best teaching on my mission but he still kind of denied it, and he doesn’t have a desire to learn. Super nice so it was pretty heart breaking because Elder Hong and I don’t have a ton of investigators right now and we super excited about him! We have been busy with a lot of things and haven’t had tons of time to find investigators! But we are hoping things settle down a little after our Zone Training this Wednesday!

 Some crazy things that happened this week was one morning we got 86 calls haha and also one night we got a call 10mins past lights out and it was a sisters team with a crazy person trying to get into there house! They live in my first house in jangwii so I had a pretty good idea who it was but she stayed there for a long time and was kicking and banging on the door so President sent us over to make sure the sisters were safe so we ran out grabbed a taxi and were there quick. We calmed the sisters down, it was the same crazy lady from a year ago so I explained to them the situation and calmed them down. We made sure they were all safe then took off home and got home at like 11:30 and the next morning was the 86 calls morning! Hahah we were pretty stressed then! Hahah But.. we are going to move the sisters and close that house! I asked President and he thought it was a good idea so we will move them soon!

 Anyways this week was fun and adventurous!! I am so happy to be serving a mission and have the opportunity to serve other missionaries and to serve the people of Korea! I love this Country and this work! I am so grateful for the saviors atonement! I know through Jesus Christ and his teachings we can rise above anything in this worldy world, and we can conquer all evil! I know this gospel is true! 


Elder Houston

Elder Hong and I

Elder Hong and I

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My Work Space


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