Elder Houston

The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

MLC and Zone training

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This was a great week! We were busy here in Korea today is the start of a huge Holiday in Korea! Solar started today and goes through Wednesday so we have a conference and cleaning day coming up in the next few days! It’ll be fun!

 Well this week was good but the Highlight for me was going to MLC (mission leadership training) and getting trained by President and the AP’s! They trained on being worthy and ready through preparation during studies and being obedient! It was really great!  After MLC we went to the church and prepared the rest of the night for Zone Training the next morning! 

 When we woke up we went straight to the church and continued to prepare until we had DLC (District Leader Council) at 10:00AM! After we did last minute preparation and then at 12:30 we went up to zone training! All 33 people were there so I went around and shook everyone’s hand and then President walked in so we grabbed President and Sister Sonksen some seats and started Zone training! Elder Hong and I and the STL presented a training based on what we learned at MLC! It went really good. The spirit was strong! I love Elder Hong and Sister Udall and Sister Park did a great job as well! The spirit was strong! We did a role-play and it went really good.  President and Sister Sonksen were the “investigator couple” for us, and they started crying.  At the end of the training we turned the time over to President to say something and he was really choked up, so all he said was, “You have been well instructed, now have soft hearts and apply it.” It was a very spiritual training and spiritual meeting! He told us how much he liked it after and was very happy! We were happy as well it was good to see everyone and we followed President to shake everyone’s hands again after the meeting! It was a lot of fun! I love everyone in our zone sooo much! After zone training we had to meet with a few people to chat with them about Missionary stuff but it all went good! The spirit was really strong after zone training so everyone was very mature and open and respectful! President also talked to a few people but all went really smooth! It was a great day!

This week I also got to go on exchange with my MTC COMP ELDER SEDERHOLM!!! Hahah he is a District Leader in our zone so I got to go on exchange with him! He is a great kid! It was a ton of fun to work with each other! I also got to go on split with Elder Cable for a second and teach their investigator Brian! It was great! Brian has been through a lot! He took us out for one of my favorites pig intestines soup but it was Elder Cables first time eating it and he struggled and got sick after! We ate it in a classic Korean market! Haha it was great! Elder Hong and I also got to go to a Baptismal service in our zone with President and sister Sonksen as well! It was really great! It was actually in Jangwii so I got to see all my old friends and members! I didn’t think they would really remember me but they did pretty well and it was sooooo fun to finally be able to talk to them and have a good time! They are so great!

That is about it for this week! This week I have found how the Savior Jesus Christ’s truly takes weak things and makes them strong! I am weak but because I am relying holy upon the merits of the atonement I have been able to rise to the occasion and been able to fulfill my calling! I can feel the spirit here in this mission and in this area! I know Jesus Christ is my Savior! I love him and I serve him!  I know through him I can be made strong and overcome all things, and one day eventually return to my Father in Heaven! I know this gospel is true!


Elder Houston



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