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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

설날! Valentines day!

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Well this week was a week of Holidays! We had one of the biggest Korean Holidays, Solar this week! It is a super cool Holiday! We also had Valentines day which is celebrated in Korea but it is a little different and not as big here! It was a great week, pretty busy but really fun, even got warm for a day or two but now it is really cold again! haha

 Because we had Solar this week we had a combined zone conference and we also had our cleaning day! Cleaning day is the best! But for Zone conference we went to the office on Tuesday and we started with some fun stuff, a slideshow, and learned about Solar, and we had a good time talking about a few mission things. President clarified about calling and he answered a lot of “questions” he gets, It was fun cause some of the questions were funny but one question was, “A stranger is banging on my door at night, what should I do.” People were confused and kind of laughed and so did President but then he got serious and it got quiet. He was choked up and He said, “Elders and Sisters….. that is a real call I got from some sisters…. A real situation… so I called the zone leaders there and told them to go check it out…” Then he started crying and said, “Those Zone leaders were over there like That (as he snapped his fingers), they were prowling around the area looking for the guy and I am happy they didn’t find him or I might have had a bigger problem on my hands… (he chuckled)… (then got serious again) I am grateful… for good zone leaders.” Elder Hong and I were both about in tears as well cause that was a scary situation and we were touched at how much president cares about each person in our mission, we were also surprised, but President was so happy all zone conference because he is happy with everyone in our zone! After we did an awards show and Elder Hong and I won an award! It was the “In the middle of a call” award for our 86 calls before lunch! Hahah they gave us some really really old cord phones for our reward! Hahahah it was pretty funny! After we ate lunch together… guess what Elder Hong and I did?? We had lunch all together and then had some training by the AP’s and President! It was so good to see everyone and have such a great time! 

The next day we had our big cleaning day! Oh it was fun, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and the house looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better now! Oh I love it! I had so much fun on that day, we cleaned a lot of stuff and we really got a good clean house where the spirit can abide completely and fully! It is really great! The next day we actually finished cleaning because we had to go close another house and then we made a street board for valentines! I went on exchange this week as well and had fun and we also did a fun valentines activity at a college! 

It was a great week, I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and redeemer he can Elevate us is we let him, I know it is through him that we can overcome all difficulties and trials! I know Heavenly Father lives, I know he is our true Father in Heaven, I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and that through him, Heavenly Father has once again reached out to his children! I know that this gospel is true! 


Elder Houston

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