Elder Houston

The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Busy, Busy, Busy

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We had a pretty busy week this week! On Monday we woke up early and went to the institute and did our little music night thing, and then that night we did it again at a members house! We saw so many miracles doing this mini music night thing it was so cool!

This week we got 4 new investigators! We have been finding a lot lately which has been pretty good! And we met with one investigator for the second time and it was really really good! He had a lot of questions and is progressing really well!We also have had a lot of chances to do member work and things this week. And on Wednesday Elder Brantley left and Elder Judd came, I like Elder Judd, he is a good kid, He is my friend. We had a great week of awesome miracles

I wanted to share a cool little story with you,

We went to a members house and I did a baptismal interview for the Sisters investigator, she was so awesome, and prepared, she was baptized this Saturday and confirmed Sunday, it was so beautiful! Her husband and 5 year old daughter were there as well! We hope he will be baptized soon! The little daughter is adorable and during sacrament meeting wrote me a letter and walked back and gave it to me, I must have looked a little tired or something, it had hearts on it and she gave me a big smile, on the top of the paper there was some scribbles, I asked her what they were. She pointed at each separate scribble sounding them out for me.. and said “사-랑-해-요 (Sa-rang-he-o)” which means “I love you”. I am going to be honest I got a little teary eyed…. Hahah she is my pal and I was really thankful for my little 5 year old friend. She wrote me a few more notes after that. It really touched me how God works through children, such simple means, to bless us and touch us!

This week I am grateful for little children, for there purity and there love and for how close they are to God! I  am grateful for Koreans, for their passion, for the dedicated saints here. I am so honored to be serving in such a beautiful country! I know God lives and loves us, I know Jesus Christ came and suffered for us, and that no matter what we can be happy and overcome all things! I know this gospel is true!


Elder Houston

One other bit of news Taylor shared in a separate email:

Oh I have some good news and some sad news along with it! My investigator Roy who I love so so much from Sindang has been calling me back and forth, we are such good friends! He loves B-ball so he gives me updates! He is the best! Anyways he will be baptized this Saturday! I am so excited…. but…… I probably will not be able to attend because I will be pretty busy Saturday with Stake Conference things, and I am in a choir for stake conference! So…… I am sad about that but I will meet him later and talk to him and congratulate him!





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