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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

Easter Music Night

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Hello family and friends!

I hope you all have had a great week in the states and stuff! I have had a great and busy week here in one of the busiest cities in the world! I am trying to keep my feet under me in the fast pace culture of Seoul Korea! But I am loving every second of it! Korean culture to me now is a lot the norm, and American culture is weird! It is a weird feeling! Haha anyways let’s get into the week.

 This week was really good, we visited with a few investigators and one of our investigators who is 73, we visited him at his work and he told us his wife got cancer and was in the hospital and he was pretty sad, and had great faith but was struggling, so we shared a verse from the book of Mormon and he loved it and it really opened his heart to the book of Mormon! Then we visited a member in a hospital and then we met with our grandma investigator’s family and we helped her make Buddhist’s flower things for the Buddhist temple! It was so awesome! After we did a fun activity and met lot’s of nice people! 

 Other than that most of the time was spent working on our Easter music night. We had to set up and test everything one day which took a while and then we did a run through/practice bringing everything together which took a really long time.  Elder Hong and I had to plan a zone activity to advertise and then figure out a method to get names and contact information which we did and made and also we made a huge poster to hang in front of the church! All activities were really time consuming and really stressful! Haha But in the midst of that we took off from one practice early and ran to the bus stop and then to our investigator’s house and we taught a family with a member present and it went really good! Things are good with this family and we are excited for them! Then on Sunday we had ward conference and then a big lunch after all together! It was really great! Then we had ward council and then the office Elders came and we started setting up everything for the music night.  Then……. in the midst of the craziness, the water in our church shut down so we had no water flow for bathrooms and water for the singers…. Dang it, so I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off figuring out why and making calls to building managers and Bishop’s and counselors and anyways ended up finding out what was wrong after we had to shut down the power during the final rehearsal! Hahahahah dang it, but about an hour before we had water again! Then I did mics and one of them broke during the production so I prayed and I’m pretty sure an angel held that mike stand up because I just let go and it stayed miraculously! And then a music stand got caught under a heater so I smashed my hand getting it out super fast so nobody would notice! Haha I was a “roady” and I didn’t know it could be so hard! But, the performance was great! Everybody that sang did great and the violin people and the piano people and a lot of people were impressed and loved it! So it was all good in the end! It was a pretty crazy week! 

But all in all this week was great and I learned a lot, one experience I learned from was, Elder Cable our new DL in my area asked me if I could attend his meeting and bear my testimony at the end.  I said yes, and so I prepared for it, and I learned a lot from the book of Mormon. I shared Mosiah 21 which seems like just a war chapter at first but God kept leading me back to reading and pondering about it, and I learned so much about the atonement of Jesus Christ. I learned how sometimes for us we have to get beaten and driven back several times before we will humble ourselves enough to partake of the atonement fully and completely! But when we are finally humble enough to completely rely on God, and ignore our desire to “go up to battle against the lamanites” whatever that may be, but when we do humble ourselves, even if the Lord is slow to answer our prayers because of our iniquities, he does, always, answer our prayers. I learned also that sometimes I rely to much on the arm of flesh, and not enough on Christ’s atonement. I was having a hard time cause I wasn’t humble enough, but then I was more humble and focused, and at the very end of the week, the congregation joined the choir for the last song of the music night and sang together in one voice, “I believe in Christ”. I thought, “I really do believe in Christ, I believe he came and he atoned, and because of that I am humble so that I may partake of that atonement. A sweet peace came over me and I felt so warm to know of my Savior and to be able to partake of that beautiful atonement! I know Jesus is the Christ, and that he came and atoned. I know because I have applied that atonement to overcome all things, I can truly say with all my heart, that, “I believe in Christ!” I know this gospel is true! 


Elder Houston


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