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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

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This week was fun and full of great miracles and blessings! I was really happy to hear from all of you! I miss you all a lot and my prayers are always with you! I hope the weeks in the states are great and that you all are busy and happy happy! 

This week was great, we got to visit a few members and have some really good dinners with them and were able to talk a lot with them and we actually got a referral from one family and he came to church so that was a really cool huge miracle! We also got to meet a few of our other investigators and have really good lessons and experiences with them! 

On Wednesday we went to Jangwii’s district meeting and after I stayed there on exchange with Elder shepherd and it was a lot of fun! I loved being there and seeing my old area! I also called a few of my old investigators including one who remembered me really well and was so happy to hear from me and wanted to meet sometime soon! We were super excited and hopefully he starts to progress again like when I was there! It was a great exchange and the next  day we went back to my area and ate with the stake mission leader and then we had a great lesson with our investigators last night and I taught the restoration to our investigator! He is 10 and is awesome! When I taught the restoration and we talked about a modern prophet and I said Thomas S. Monson was the prophet today he was so surprised and excited! So he turned to his best friend who was teaching with us and asked, really? A prophet really exists?? And his friend said yes! And he turned to me and said where is he? I said in Utah… and he said, I need to go to Utah to see him!!! He was so excited and it was so awesome! Later his father came and we shared a short message with his father! 

I went on exchange again on Saturday and Sunday as well, and I was with Elder Policky and we taught several people together and we got one new investigator for our area and he was really cool, has a little bit weird beliefs but he believes the Book of Mormon is true… haha it is a long story but we have to explain a little more what that means to him! 

 All in all this week was really awesome! On Sunday night I got to see some of my friends from Sindang at a music night! This week I have stayed rooted on the atonement…thought about it, pondered it, the atonement does not only cover our sins, and the pains of those sins but it covers everything! Our, pains, sickness, infirmities, trials, and every difficult pain or sorrow we can feel! Jesus Christ truly knows how you feel.  He has felt every sorrow, every pain, every experience and he invites all to come unto him and find rest! I invite all to do the same! Have faith in that great saving grace provided by that atonement! Rely on him during your most difficult times and your darkest hours. He knows. He can and will provide comfort, peace and solace if we let him, I know he came, I know he atoned, I know he was crucified but rose to conquer the grave. I know that He lives! And because he lives we will all live again! I know this gospel is true, and I know that My Redeemer Lives.


Elder Houston 


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