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What a Wonderful Week

It is great to hear from you all! I am happy Novalee is home and all is well! And Nessa! 수고하셨어요! That is a little expression in Korean! It means, Good job, you worked hard! You are a great example to me Ness! This week was awesome and busy as usual! Elder Hong, Elder Ahn and I set some big goals and saw some big miracles! We were able to see a lot of cool things happen this week!

We were pretty busy teaching but we also had to finish up plans for the stake fireside.  I actually ended up singing with 4 other Elders a song called, “I love the Lord”, one of my favorites, it was really really spiritual for me, and a cool experience! It was a really hard song to sing though! But the fireside went well I think!

One of the goals we set this week was to teach more lessons and we saw some awesome results ending up teaching 21 lessons this week! We taught several investigators and we also taught 2 less active members who are doing great! We have a baptismal date now, a man who we went to his house, he is in a wheel chair, he is very poor, and is living completely alone! He has a really hard life, we try to bring a lot of light and hope into his life and he committed to a baptismal date but we have a long way to go before we get there! We love him and hope to be able to truly help him! He is a great man and we love him a lot! He is in his 70’s. We hope to get him to church really soon!

We also had an English class member come to church so I sat by him and talked with him all through church and invited him to take the lessons! He agreed and we taught him with a member and tried to give him a baptismal date but he didn’t exactly accept yet! He is really cool though but is soooooooooo hard to understand it is crazy! Haha but we are seeing a lot of cool miracles!

I have learned so much this week, like I do every week! This week I have learned a lot about retaining, about being full of God’s love and then keeping it, reading the Book of Mormon everyday, pondering, always thinking about God, thinking about important spiritual things! I know with all my heart that God lives, he loves each and everyone of us! And I know he always is with us, especially when we struggle, Heaven truly does cheer us on! I know Christ is the Savior! I testify of him! I know this gospel is true!


Elder Houston


We had some fun videos of Elder Houston this week that I would love to share:

Elder Houston’s Advice on How to be a Good Missionary (He did this as a favor for me for an activity we are doing for the youth in our ward)

Singing for a Stake Fireside  (A facebook friend from Korea sent this to me.  This is the song Taylor referred to in his email)

As Sister in Zion/Armies of Helaman (Korean Version) (Another beautiful song shared through facebook….I copies some of it for the advice video 🙂







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The Miracle of Roy

Hello family and friends! It was so good to hear form you this week! I am glad to hear Justin and Emily’s new little girl is doing good, she is in my prayers! And I can’t believe Abbey met Sister Bryan, or now..  Millie Bryan one of my homies from the mission!  That is really cool! It was really great to hear from all of you! 

This week was another amazing week! I am so grateful to be a missionary! I will start with saying that Monday night President invites us to his house because we were to busy to finish the last session of conference and we went… I loved conference all of it, it was absolutely amazing, I felt the spirit sooooooooo strong, but… I had asked several questions that were answered a little but not super directly. Then I listened to the last session, and Elder Holland stood up, and I thought that he looked me personally right in the eye and looked through my heart, and then spoke and addressed me. He addressed every question I had asked for conference! I was filled with peace as I reflected back to everything I had learned and wanted to apply and how I truly wanted to, “remember tomorrow, what I felt today”. It was amazing… it really was. I have a strong testimony of Thomas S. Monson as the prophet seer and revelator and the 12 apostles! I know they are called of God! 

This week we also met with several investigators and less actives and all went well! Not a lot to report as far as that goes, but we did have another powerful lesson with Brother Goe, a less active we have been working with. We also had a ward missionary activity/ping pong tournament that went really well. We had a few investigators there as a district who all had a great great time! It was really good.

 The last thing is the miracle of Roy. I don’t know if you remember but Roy was my investigator in Sindang. He was awesome, he is awesome! He is chinese and loves loves loves basketball, and he is fluent in korean and english and is so… normal. Just a nice normal guy who is so awesome! One of my best friends on my mission! He still calls me all the time to chat and I ask how he is.. well.. on Friday there was a music night in Sindang and he called and asked if I could come and meet with him and I could because my comp was singing in it. So I went, and met him before and one of my companions came with me and we went and ate before the music night and we got talking, he is so awesome! We talked about basketball of coarse and he gave me the updates on the NBA and what not, and because he was baptized just a month ago, I followed up on how he is doing… I soon found out that he is doing great….. Turns out, he is in Alma 50 in his Book of Mormon reading! We started talking about prophets and he loves alma and “alma Junior” or the younger because he says their stories are similar! But he said, his favorite prophet was King Mosiah because he transformed the government for God, transitioned everything form the kings to the judges… Hahahahaha he is so dang smart and is understanding amazingly! He told me of what he has been doing to not drink and keep the law of chastity and he is just amazing.  I asked him to help my other recent convert Wangzhen because he is struggling a bit and Roy said of course he would because it was part of his baptismal covenant! Hahaha oh man, he is doing so well and  he watched all of conference and highlighted President Uchtdorft’s talk and shared his favorite quote and he said I won’t ever go less active no matter how hard it gets.  He loves Elder Holland and President Monson! He is progressing and has changed his life a lot! It is amazing too see! 

I have a testimony of the blessings that come from living the gospel! It truly does bring a new light.  I know that Satan is real being set on destroying us and is sly and very cunning in his ways but I know that as we heed the counsel of Modern Prophets and apostles who direct the church through revelation from God and the chief Cornerstone Jesus Christ we will always be able to overcome and we will in the end be happy and have Eternal life! I know this gospel is true for myself! I love you all! Have a great week!  


Elder Houston

Happy Missionaries

Happy Missionaries

Temple Day with Elder Hong

Temple Visit with Elder Hong





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Dear Family and Friends,

Hello everyone! I am so happy to have heard from all of you today! I am grateful for the opportunity to hear from my family and I am so happy to hear about Justin and Emily and new baby Novalee!! Congratulations! I am happy to hear Dad’s surgery was good and that everyone seems to be happy and healthy. 

You may have notice the subject of this email is sanctification.. Something I have put a lot of thought into and it is a great talk! I am trying to become a more completely sanctified missionary! It is something we are doing in our mission! And in order to do that we must have the center of our mind and hear on our mission! D&C 4;2 states, “therefore if ye embark in the service of God see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength” That is what we are trying to do! This last zone training we focused a lot on that! In order to do that we also had a rule change reducing our email time! So I will not have as much time to email people but, I am going to keep my mind centered on my mission and just merely share these cool experiences and my testimony with you! I am excited to become the best missionary I can be for these last months of my mission!

We had so many cool experiences and miracles this week! I wish I could share them all, I will share just a few starting with 

Revelation and preparation,

Zone training, we had a very spiritual time preparing and presenting zone training, we spend so much time of the preparation on our knees! I am grateful for prayer. We wanted to help our zone find and become better sanctified! So one of the commitments we gave was to do a 40 day fast. What this is, is we start with a day fast and think about and notice things that “poke” at he spirit in us and then right it down and make plans to stop or change action to become more sanctified by the spirit and more worthy of the spirit! We are doing this Forty day fast and it is one of the coolest things I have done on my mission. I can literally feel a mighty change of heart happening in me even more so then ever before! That leads to my next experience.

Mighty Change of Heart,

This general conference I went in with a very humble heart, and because of that, conference means so much more to me then it ever has. I was truly ready to have a change in my heart. Well as I listened, to the Prophet Thomas S. Monson and the first Quorum and the 12 apostles, the holy spirit gently rested upon me, and testified of the truthfulness once again of the reality of the living Prophet Thomas S. Monson and testified to me of their words. I was struck by the words of Elder Hales and Elder Bednar! I have such a great desire to pay attention to that spirit and use it more fully. I want to become sanctified through the Holy Spirit! I learned so much from conference and had such a burning desire in my heart to help all people! We also watched it with Brother Jang Young Soo and his family of four who we have been teaching for a while, and what a blessing that was. They are doing really really great! I continued to ponder on how to keep this mighty spirit that had rested upon at conference and that leads to my next experience..

 That is the spirit,

Yesterday, we had invited an investigating family to come to the music night in a neighboring area that Elder Hong would be performing in, so I went and waited for them, but they had to cancel. I was still so filled with the spirit of conference and was so deeply pondering as I listened to the choir practice. I said a short pray and told Heavenly Father, that I was trying to be completely a servant, and do what he wants me too, I told him we tried to get our investigators there that night but they could not come and asked him, I pleaded for him to help me to still be an effective tool in his hand that night at the music night. I may not have anyone coming but I asked him to help me recognize somebody who I could help. As I watched the wonderful production the spirit filled me more and more and more. And soon I looked at one of my dear friends, a missionary in the choir singing, and then, the spirit overwhelmed me and said, “Talk to him Elder Houston, tell him how bright his spirit is.” I was choked up and was so happy to see him singing with his heart about the Savior. Afterward, when things were starting to get cleaned up I pulled him aside gave him a big hug and with some emotion told him what the spirit told me to tell him.. I didn’t know why I did that, but now I do, that was the spirit. He proceeded to tell me with tear filled eyes about his day, and how hard it was, and he said, “Thank you Elder Houston, I needed to hear that.” I hugged him again and we went on cleaning. But as we did, I said a small pray again, and told the lord, “Thank you Lord, I needed to hear that too.”

I am Grateful for many things, but this week I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father, for his son, our savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the restoration, I am so grateful for Thomas S. Monson, the true and living prophet who holds all the keys of the Priesthood,.I love him and sustain him along with all the Quorum of the 12 and general authorities! I am so, so deeply grateful for the Spirit, and how it works with us to bless others. I am so grateful that the spirit can work with each of us and as we listen to it, our own lives are blessed! I know with all my heart this church is true, and Christ’s only true church on the earth! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!


Elder Houston

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This week was so long for me! It feels to me like the last time we talked was forever ago! Hahah But it has been really busy and full of fun and exciting, and super full of miracles! I am so happy to have heard from you all and to hear how much you loved conference! I am so excited to hear conference next week! 

This week started good, we had a workshop where we learned about some skills to help our missionary work and it was pretty good! I didn’t feel very good at all at the workshop but it was okay! After I went on exchange and the exchange was good! We met with a super awesome guy and had a great lesson! We even gave him a baptismal date and taught him with a member who is one of my best friends! We met with a few other members and investigators this week and it all was pretty good. My companion Elder Hong saw some cool miracles! 

On Friday we did a street boarding activity and went to a college and did an activity we call “talk to a foreigner” It was sooooooooooooooo successful! We met so many cool people and I had 4 people text me before we even ended the activity and ask more about us and English class and things! It was really cool! I met so many nice kids there! I loved it cause I met Koreans and Chinese and Germans and so many different people from all around the world and just made tons of friends! I loved the activity and we are excited to try to get some new investigators from it! 

Just two days ago on Saturday Elder Hong and I saw some great miracles! We set a really solid plan and we went out to fulfill and went in faith, that morning we decided to study the Christlike attribute we needed to work on most and so we did and we were humble and ready to work. We went out and met 2 investigators and neither lesson really went anywhere, very short and brief and a little sad, but we headed to another appointment and on the way we decided to go a different way then usual because we felt that we should.  I decided I should stop and take a picture of the beautiful cherry blossoms! I did and as I did a cute family was walking by and the man said hello! I was surprised cause nobody in Korea says Hi to strangers! hahahahaha so I was so happy and I said hello back and we started talking… well he asked me were I was from and we started talking some. As we talked we came to find out that he knew Utah really well and then his wife piped in and said she had been to temple square and loved it….. Then he told me about his Best Friend in the world. He said when he was in middle school he met a Mormon missionary and they became great friends and he learned about our church and loved it but was never baptized.  Well the missionary went back to America and is in New Jersey but they are still in contact and they are great friends!! He said he loved our church and wanted his to cute little boys to learn English from us! Well I gave him my card and later that day I got a text, and he said his son asked who the big brother was that they met on the street and he said he will bring his family to meet with us again! It was so cool! They are such a great family! I am so excited to meet with them again! One of the coolest miracles I have seen on my mission! 

This week was just amazing! I have learned so much! I have really been rooted in the Book of Mormon and receiving revelation through it! I have been reading about Alma the Younger in the first chapter of Alma in the Book of Mormon! I have learned so much about sacrificing worldly things for Godly things and the pride cycle! I have felt so much peace and strength through that amazing Book! I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God! I am so excited to hear the voice of a Prophet of God this weekend! I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and I know that Thomas S. Monson is God’s prophet who lives on the earth today! I know that this gospel is true!

Elder Houston

cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms



Springtime in Gireum


Great Filipino family!

Great Filipino Family

jangwii district

Jangwii District

jangwii district2

Jangwii District