Elder Houston

The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission


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This week was so long for me! It feels to me like the last time we talked was forever ago! Hahah But it has been really busy and full of fun and exciting, and super full of miracles! I am so happy to have heard from you all and to hear how much you loved conference! I am so excited to hear conference next week! 

This week started good, we had a workshop where we learned about some skills to help our missionary work and it was pretty good! I didn’t feel very good at all at the workshop but it was okay! After I went on exchange and the exchange was good! We met with a super awesome guy and had a great lesson! We even gave him a baptismal date and taught him with a member who is one of my best friends! We met with a few other members and investigators this week and it all was pretty good. My companion Elder Hong saw some cool miracles! 

On Friday we did a street boarding activity and went to a college and did an activity we call “talk to a foreigner” It was sooooooooooooooo successful! We met so many cool people and I had 4 people text me before we even ended the activity and ask more about us and English class and things! It was really cool! I met so many nice kids there! I loved it cause I met Koreans and Chinese and Germans and so many different people from all around the world and just made tons of friends! I loved the activity and we are excited to try to get some new investigators from it! 

Just two days ago on Saturday Elder Hong and I saw some great miracles! We set a really solid plan and we went out to fulfill and went in faith, that morning we decided to study the Christlike attribute we needed to work on most and so we did and we were humble and ready to work. We went out and met 2 investigators and neither lesson really went anywhere, very short and brief and a little sad, but we headed to another appointment and on the way we decided to go a different way then usual because we felt that we should.  I decided I should stop and take a picture of the beautiful cherry blossoms! I did and as I did a cute family was walking by and the man said hello! I was surprised cause nobody in Korea says Hi to strangers! hahahahaha so I was so happy and I said hello back and we started talking… well he asked me were I was from and we started talking some. As we talked we came to find out that he knew Utah really well and then his wife piped in and said she had been to temple square and loved it….. Then he told me about his Best Friend in the world. He said when he was in middle school he met a Mormon missionary and they became great friends and he learned about our church and loved it but was never baptized.  Well the missionary went back to America and is in New Jersey but they are still in contact and they are great friends!! He said he loved our church and wanted his to cute little boys to learn English from us! Well I gave him my card and later that day I got a text, and he said his son asked who the big brother was that they met on the street and he said he will bring his family to meet with us again! It was so cool! They are such a great family! I am so excited to meet with them again! One of the coolest miracles I have seen on my mission! 

This week was just amazing! I have learned so much! I have really been rooted in the Book of Mormon and receiving revelation through it! I have been reading about Alma the Younger in the first chapter of Alma in the Book of Mormon! I have learned so much about sacrificing worldly things for Godly things and the pride cycle! I have felt so much peace and strength through that amazing Book! I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God! I am so excited to hear the voice of a Prophet of God this weekend! I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and I know that Thomas S. Monson is God’s prophet who lives on the earth today! I know that this gospel is true!

Elder Houston

cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms



Springtime in Gireum


Great Filipino family!

Great Filipino Family

jangwii district

Jangwii District

jangwii district2

Jangwii District



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