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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

The Miracle of Roy

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Hello family and friends! It was so good to hear form you this week! I am glad to hear Justin and Emily’s new little girl is doing good, she is in my prayers! And I can’t believe Abbey met Sister Bryan, or now..  Millie Bryan one of my homies from the mission!  That is really cool! It was really great to hear from all of you! 

This week was another amazing week! I am so grateful to be a missionary! I will start with saying that Monday night President invites us to his house because we were to busy to finish the last session of conference and we went… I loved conference all of it, it was absolutely amazing, I felt the spirit sooooooooo strong, but… I had asked several questions that were answered a little but not super directly. Then I listened to the last session, and Elder Holland stood up, and I thought that he looked me personally right in the eye and looked through my heart, and then spoke and addressed me. He addressed every question I had asked for conference! I was filled with peace as I reflected back to everything I had learned and wanted to apply and how I truly wanted to, “remember tomorrow, what I felt today”. It was amazing… it really was. I have a strong testimony of Thomas S. Monson as the prophet seer and revelator and the 12 apostles! I know they are called of God! 

This week we also met with several investigators and less actives and all went well! Not a lot to report as far as that goes, but we did have another powerful lesson with Brother Goe, a less active we have been working with. We also had a ward missionary activity/ping pong tournament that went really well. We had a few investigators there as a district who all had a great great time! It was really good.

 The last thing is the miracle of Roy. I don’t know if you remember but Roy was my investigator in Sindang. He was awesome, he is awesome! He is chinese and loves loves loves basketball, and he is fluent in korean and english and is so… normal. Just a nice normal guy who is so awesome! One of my best friends on my mission! He still calls me all the time to chat and I ask how he is.. well.. on Friday there was a music night in Sindang and he called and asked if I could come and meet with him and I could because my comp was singing in it. So I went, and met him before and one of my companions came with me and we went and ate before the music night and we got talking, he is so awesome! We talked about basketball of coarse and he gave me the updates on the NBA and what not, and because he was baptized just a month ago, I followed up on how he is doing… I soon found out that he is doing great….. Turns out, he is in Alma 50 in his Book of Mormon reading! We started talking about prophets and he loves alma and “alma Junior” or the younger because he says their stories are similar! But he said, his favorite prophet was King Mosiah because he transformed the government for God, transitioned everything form the kings to the judges… Hahahahaha he is so dang smart and is understanding amazingly! He told me of what he has been doing to not drink and keep the law of chastity and he is just amazing.  I asked him to help my other recent convert Wangzhen because he is struggling a bit and Roy said of course he would because it was part of his baptismal covenant! Hahaha oh man, he is doing so well and  he watched all of conference and highlighted President Uchtdorft’s talk and shared his favorite quote and he said I won’t ever go less active no matter how hard it gets.  He loves Elder Holland and President Monson! He is progressing and has changed his life a lot! It is amazing too see! 

I have a testimony of the blessings that come from living the gospel! It truly does bring a new light.  I know that Satan is real being set on destroying us and is sly and very cunning in his ways but I know that as we heed the counsel of Modern Prophets and apostles who direct the church through revelation from God and the chief Cornerstone Jesus Christ we will always be able to overcome and we will in the end be happy and have Eternal life! I know this gospel is true for myself! I love you all! Have a great week!  


Elder Houston

Happy Missionaries

Happy Missionaries

Temple Day with Elder Hong

Temple Visit with Elder Hong






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