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The Worth of Seouls – Seoul Korea Mission

What a Wonderful Week

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It is great to hear from you all! I am happy Novalee is home and all is well! And Nessa! 수고하셨어요! That is a little expression in Korean! It means, Good job, you worked hard! You are a great example to me Ness! This week was awesome and busy as usual! Elder Hong, Elder Ahn and I set some big goals and saw some big miracles! We were able to see a lot of cool things happen this week!

We were pretty busy teaching but we also had to finish up plans for the stake fireside.  I actually ended up singing with 4 other Elders a song called, “I love the Lord”, one of my favorites, it was really really spiritual for me, and a cool experience! It was a really hard song to sing though! But the fireside went well I think!

One of the goals we set this week was to teach more lessons and we saw some awesome results ending up teaching 21 lessons this week! We taught several investigators and we also taught 2 less active members who are doing great! We have a baptismal date now, a man who we went to his house, he is in a wheel chair, he is very poor, and is living completely alone! He has a really hard life, we try to bring a lot of light and hope into his life and he committed to a baptismal date but we have a long way to go before we get there! We love him and hope to be able to truly help him! He is a great man and we love him a lot! He is in his 70’s. We hope to get him to church really soon!

We also had an English class member come to church so I sat by him and talked with him all through church and invited him to take the lessons! He agreed and we taught him with a member and tried to give him a baptismal date but he didn’t exactly accept yet! He is really cool though but is soooooooooo hard to understand it is crazy! Haha but we are seeing a lot of cool miracles!

I have learned so much this week, like I do every week! This week I have learned a lot about retaining, about being full of God’s love and then keeping it, reading the Book of Mormon everyday, pondering, always thinking about God, thinking about important spiritual things! I know with all my heart that God lives, he loves each and everyone of us! And I know he always is with us, especially when we struggle, Heaven truly does cheer us on! I know Christ is the Savior! I testify of him! I know this gospel is true!


Elder Houston


We had some fun videos of Elder Houston this week that I would love to share:

Elder Houston’s Advice on How to be a Good Missionary (He did this as a favor for me for an activity we are doing for the youth in our ward)

Singing for a Stake Fireside  (A facebook friend from Korea sent this to me.  This is the song Taylor referred to in his email)

As Sister in Zion/Armies of Helaman (Korean Version) (Another beautiful song shared through facebook….I copies some of it for the advice video 🙂







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