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Well I just got to skype my family which was sooo awesome! It was good to see everyone! And because of that I am going to send  a pretty short email! But it looks like everyone looks good! My family is doing good and I am very grateful for that and for them! 

This week there is not much to report except for we had zone training this week so Tuesday morning we woke up early and went to the office and were there almost all day getting trained and for the remaining few hours at the end of the day we prepared, and then the next day woke up early and planned and prepared and then we gave the training! We talked about planning effectively and executing with faith! It was pretty good! And then we met a few investigators and we have focused a lot on involving members so we had 5 lessons with members this week! So that was pretty good and they are helping with our investigators who have baptismal dates! One is named Jimmy and 2 are a Chinese couple and both are doing great! 

 This week was a great one! I really do know this gospel is true! I know that we can progress, all we have to do is choose to keep going. As we continue to act in faith that same faith increases! I know that God loves us, he wants us to succeed, Jesus Christ is our savior and I know that through him we can do all things and overcome all things! I know this gospel is true! 


Elder Houston

I realized I forgot to post last weeks email so here it is…..


Hey family it was good to here from you all! These last few weeks have been really good, no big activities or events so it has just been pure solid, hit the pavement missionary work and man it has been fun and we have seen tons of miracles!

I love this area! It has some great things happening right now! We met with several investigators including one who we gave a baptismal date so we have two now with a date! We also picked up two knew investigators who are at church and a few investigators came to church! We have been focusing on the key indicators and seen some huge miracles from that! Our investigator pool is increasing and we are seeing some cool things! We also have a couple inactive and less active families that are doing well and are progressing!

The part of my week that I want to share the most however comes form not my area, but my greenie area. I went on exchange to Jangwii this week. I was so excited, it was a great time, but also I saw a huge huge miracle. I really wanted to visit the Choi family that i used to visit, when I served in Jangwii! They are less active and had a really hard life, so we went, and we met the returned missionary son who has a testimony but is less active and won’t come to church! I had met him once before cause when I served in Jangwii he was doing military service so I only met him once! As we talked he wasn’t really having it, super nice kid and super fun, but he just said, “you guys don’t really know my situation, my family, you can’t understand” So I told him I had served in Jangwii a year and a half ago and I visited his Father and Mother and 2 little brothers every week for 6 months! I was very close with them and told him about there struggles with he was in the military. He was surprised by how much I remembered about the family but I really really loved that family and was really close to them! So he opened up a lot, he told me, of his families struggle for the last year and a half, I won’t go to details about their personal lives but it was heart breaking for me to hear…. by that point this 26 year old kid and I had something in korea known as “정Jung”! I can’t describe it in words, but it is just a feeling of trusting relationship and it is powerful in the korean culture, similar to love but different, I then asked why he doesn’t want to come to church and he said it was to hard, and gave a few reasons, but i testified and promised him that his life would be better if he came to church, he said he is fine with the telestial kingdom, he thinks he will be comfortable there, but I testified with all the my soul had, and he opened up a little, we called the Bishop and the Bishop talked with him on the phone and he said he would try to come back to church more, I told him to come talk with me and a member of gireum ward who is his friend, soon! The spirit was strong, he felt it, Elder Huckvale felt it, and i felt it. None of us could deny that spirit, I hope and pray for him and his family, but I was so amazed at God’s beautiful plan, to be an instrument in God’s hand, I hope I can truly help him in anyway I can to come back to church, despite the difficulties! I love him and I was happy to meet him and hear of his wonderful family again!

From this week and the experiences I have had I have learned a lot! I know that this church will bless our lives no matter what our situation, I know as we go to church and do the basics, the we will find more peace, even if it is hard at times, we can have our way, or we can have something better. That something better is God’s way! I truly know this gospel is true!


Elder Houston


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